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The best thing I ever wrote was a cheesy poem-satire about unrequited chocobo love.

Also, I can get pretty verbose sometimes. The Ficly stories are good for me because I’m making an effort not to sequel myself (and thus learning how to write leaner), but I have been blithely ignoring the 1024 char rule on comments. Um, apologies in advance for any walls-of-text. I do mean to be constructive and not merely critical, so if constructive criticism about my constructive criticism is required, please send me a note. (We comment because we care!)

(See? Verbose.)


  1. A different kind of epic

    Falling fast, he pumped his legs uselessly, felt a ledge slip through his fingers, then fell past the behemoth altogether. 5,000 ft to go…

  2. The Tower

    “My lady, are you sure?” “Yes, Jonathan, and I’ll thank you not to second-guess me. I watched the rise and fall of my first empire before your ancestors were even born.” The young steward cowered under her sudden, fierce g...

  3. Sergei

    Let me tell you about Sergei. He’s 6’1", lean and muscular; his color is a beautiful reddish-brown and he is well-proportioned. We’ve been together for almost a year, and I’ve never regretted a day of it. We have our proble...

  4. The Way Out

    Hogwash. My people are waiting outside as we speak. But if we don’t make the rendezvous in 15 minutes, we’ll both be drowning in our own vomit in a month. Look, I just need you to stand on that tile while I work on this lever. I’d do ...

  5. A Brief Telecon

    “Is everybody on the line?” Several voices whistled in response. “Excellent. We have a short agenda and a long way to world domination, so let’s get started. Fweehewnn, what’s the budget status?” “Financials ar...

  6. On the Way to Prom

    The doorbell rang. “Cody!” Brittany screamed. She had been crying. “I thought you weren’t coming. Your mom called.” “I had to see you,” Cody said, trying to enunciate around the fangs. “It’s Prom. I...

  7. The Girl I Used to Like

    Tammy was watching me again. She didn’t know I saw, but I did; I saw her watch me every day after lunch, wishing I would come over and talk to her. I wasn’t going to help her cheat on Steve, though; he was in Germany, and the last thing I n...

  8. Love After Death (Poem) (Tag Cloud Challenge)

    The summer’s light on watery waves Came shining through the sky. Aboard a flawless sailing ship, The guests sat close and sighed, And watched, beneath an arch of wood, The groom stand waiting by. A box was wheeled along the deck As petals led the...

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