Karaoke Night at The Ed Sullivan Theatre

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They crowded in quickly chosing the tables that suited their purposes. Up in front, Jane Mansfield sat strategically posed for possible career opportunities while behind her facing the bar Marilyn Monroe giggled and blew a kiss to Rock Hudson who winked at Jim Neighbors. Harvey Korman corralled the crowd performing his comedic act as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren BaCall slid into a dark corner table for two.
After a brief applause, “Ladies and Gentlemen,” Ed Sullivan announced. “We have a newcomer tonight anxiously shaking backstage so let’s bring him on.” As Ed took some steps back he continued saying, “Let’s give a warm welcome for the lad that calls himself…………….ELVIS!!”

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  1. Avatar mama murph (LoA)

    wow! no comments? I really enjoyed writing this and was hoping for a sequel. Guess I have to do it all myself! Humpf!

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