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I am a ficlet by invitation and am proud to have the opportunity to humbly humor my new friends with thoughtful collaborated writings. I will be known as The Keeper of Destined Pencils to be given out with thoughtful consideration to the deserving. Cheers!!!!!


  1. Happy Halloween

    The jack-o-lanterns were all aglow in front of the houses down the darkly lit street. They walked arrogantly upright with their little cocky dip to their step when the tween-agers roamed the streets during Halloween Eve. The sparsely painted blood on t...

  2. Was Puff Really A Magic Dragon?

    He lived by the sea in land called Honilee. Is that magical? The sea can seem magical with it’s ever changing temperment. As far as Honilee, I am not sure where that is. Do you think a Dragon as big as Puff with his fearless roar that made Kings ...

  3. Get Your Fortune Told Here

    They hesitantly walked in, hand in hand. Because the room was dark, it took awhile for their eyes to focus. The tiny room contained little bottles of potions in many colors on a shelf and bowls of powders on a bench. They jumped when a curtain was abru...

  4. Buried Message

    I had stepped on a bottle. After studying it closely I noticed the paper inside. Breaking it, I carefully unfolded the delicate paper. “We are being forced rather pertinently to discard all our beloved belongings and hastily depart from aboard th...

  5. Sessions With The Counselor- Cont.

    He jumped from his seat and started to pace. After he mumbled awhile to himself, he took the pistol from his pocket and aimed it at the counselor. “You have it all wrong.” He stopped pacing and calmly replied, “I want her to die. She possessed me...

  6. Sessions With The Counselor

    “I hate her so much I just want her to die.” the client coldly stated. After a long pause, sitting motionless and just staring at his client, the counselor replied. “No, I disagree.” He started. “I sense there is so much more brewing here. Yo...

  7. BATMAN in 10 Words

    Man portrays Bat Drives cool contraptions Conquers evil Saves day

  8. Pride and Predjudice in 10 Words

    Poor socialites marry One elopes One loves One demands respect

  9. Crash in 10 Words

    Unbeknownst intertwined dysfunctional people, bad to good, good to bad

  10. SHREK in 10 Words

    Green Ogre aquires donkey, rescues cursed Princess, Shrek marries Ogre

  11. Bad Planning

    His idea of a short walk with his pregnant wife turned out to be a bit longer than planned. “Honey,” she started slightly out of breath. “Yeah I know, you’re tired,” he interrupted. “We live just up here a block and ...

  12. The Corn Maze

    Have you ever been in a corn maze? A corn maze, for those of you that don’t know, is a maze cut out of a corn field. As if you couldn’t get lost in a corn field anyway, someone decided to make it even more difficult. You walk into the cut d...

  13. Hell Week at College

    It was an awful week. He already had some 500 word exams due by Friday and his computer got a virus and would not even turn on. The format for these exams was, of course, programmed onto his laptop. He knew his buddy down the hall had the same format ...

  14. Joe, My Ficly Friend

    I’m not gonna tell you that you will heal soon. I’m not gonna say the hurt will go away. I’m not gonna even start to tell you how I understand your pain. I am gonna let you cry. I am gonna let you scream to the Heavens above. I am go...

  15. His Protector (part 2)

    “Mom! She’s on here again!” Jenny frantically yelled. After Karen entered the room and read the message she phoned her husband who was on a business trip. “Honey, I don’t know what to do!” Karen cried softly into the...

  16. His Protector

    “He went out with her again, she bragged on facebook. She was not careful on purpose, she wrote, when they ‘did it.’” “I saw her come out of the school after her cheerleading practice and waited for her to cross the street...

  17. They Survive

    I have two sisters. One is very rich. One loves and one demands to be loved. My oldest sister never had much, never asked for much, and learned to be content with what she had. She lived on welfare between her long spans of joblessness. She never compl...

  18. Phone Chatter

    “Oh my God! She sticks her face in everything I do! Like, I can’t even call Brad. She’s all like, What cha doing? Who ya talkin to? Like it’s any of her business!” she rants into the phone. After a brief pause, “Oh y...

  19. Writer's Block

    I wrote a story today. It was about a small boy who grew up homeless; no scratch that. It was about a man who had a corporate job and lost it; no scratch that. It was about a woman fighting for her marriage to the man with a corporate job; no scratch ...

  20. Western Changes

    He rode the fences on his ranch searching or any irregularities in the strength of the barbed wiring. He looked across the plains occasionally in boredom. The day was like all the others. Nothing ever changed, nothing to report. He let his mind wander....

  21. True Love

    She lays at my feet. I get up to get a drink and she paitiently waits. She wags her tail and is content with my return. When I leave for work, she lays in her bed knowing and understanding that I must leave. She doesn’t question it, doesn’...

  22. He's Free to Fly

    He turned 21 today. I used to be ma ma, the one he needed. Then I was mommy, the one who knew all the answers. It later turned into mom, the one with the keys. Now it is Hey, You, or just the acknowledged head nod. Now I am the one to be the strongest...

  23. Blood is Thicker Than Water

    Every line backer on the team was chasing him now. He only weighed a third of what those big boys weighed but he had to have the ball. He ran across streets, through alleys and yards, jumping fences and shrubs. With them dead on his heels, he finally m...


    “Tonight’s game, the HOMEBOYS against THEM OTHER DUDES. Ready for kick-off. There’s the kick! And THEM OTHER DUDES start the game on the 20, the 30, the 40 and they are down on the HOMEBOYS own 45 yardline. The HOMEBOYS keep THEM OTH...

  25. Glowing Rocks (Porch Stories)

    The officer stood with his mouth agape. He could not believe what he was seeing. He composed himself seconds before the others came into George’s basement. “What in the name of God….?”commented one of the other officers as he l...

  26. Porch Stories (Series Challenge)

    George was getting a little preturbed by all the questions. “I done told ya, I ain’t never buried nobody out here in my yard. Rover found the bone.” “Does Rover always roam freely in the neighborhood?” “Neighborhood?...

  27. More Porch Stories

    The police combed George’s yard after the discovery of the human leg bone by his dog, Rover. “Where did your dog recover this from?” “I done told ya, he give it to me after he chased that boy outta my yard.”George explaine...

  28. Porch Stories

    Rover woke up long enough to scratch his ear and then laid his head back down on the porch. “That dog of yours is the laziest beast I have ever seen!” “You should have see ‘em yesterday, Ben. That dog right there chased that wor...

  29. The Perfect Inmate

    Mary Sue was gruffly ordered to change out of her orange suit for a clean one and then down to the common room for lunch. As she obeyed the order, this was one of the many times she wondered if this ‘home’ was any better than the one she bu...

  30. Annoyed

    I’m with stupid. Old fart. Old guys rule. Retired and lovin it. Someone went on vacation and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. If I see another t-shirt with one of these sayings, I think I’ll scream. I walk in the mall and see walking billb...

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