Paradise on Earth

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Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale
Thats what I keep telling myself. It just rained, and the smell of the wet ground is so soothing. I look around the forest I’m in and I exhale deeply. I.Am.At.Peace. I feel at home here. No worries. No drama. No bills. Nobody needing me, or wanting me, I can just take care of me.. and me alone. Oh and I can breathe. Finally breathe. I find a tree stump that hadn’t been touched by the sky’s tears and I sit down, I take out my notebook and I start writing about the leaves on the trees, the rain and the breeze. I writes about the tree swing that is so calming, and the little pond I found with the waterfall. I write about the little animals of this kingdom of the forest. As I finish writing, I’m somewhat satisfied. I pretty much summed my feelings up about this paradise on earth. I don’t want to go back home, yet I know I have to. I have to get back to reality, so I reluctently leave this paradise on Earth..

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  1. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    i like this too i would have just stayed there
    hey you know if you get lost and just stay there actually you arent lost anymore because you live there

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    and she penned “Bridge to Terabithia” .. lol. it was the forest animals and beautiful scenery!
    Well bre, it’s not a story, per se, I think you could magnify it more, but it is a beautiful scene.

  3. Avatar OneMoreDay(LoA)

    I love how you’re capturing how it feels to write and also the peace that nature gives when you can escape from the stress of life.

  4. Avatar The Fantastic Mister Fish

    i wish i had somewhere like that. the closest place i have to yours is… uh a closet. yup. great scenery.

  5. Avatar TextMason

    It’s a nice piece, very reflective and describes your relationship to nature in this place. I might wish for a little more description of the paradise itself – but that trades for descriptions of your feelings, so shrug not sure. But I might buy one sentence describing the smell of pine or trees by cutting one of the two “this paradise on Earth” bits at the end. Kind of an awkward echo. :/ But still, calmingly lovely.

  6. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    I love the overall feeling of this, and the imagery. I love the smell after it rains :)

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