No Use Crying Over Spilled Ice Cream

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I beamed as Kelly made her way over to us. She’d always been pretty, but today she looked angelic, all dressed in white, her blonde hair in ringlets.

“Hey, Devon.” She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Who’s your friend?”

“Kelly, this is Kalyla.” I smiled at her smugly. “Kalyla this is my girlfriend, Kelly.” Told you I’m not hiding anything.

Kalyla rolled her eyes at me and then held her hand out to Kelly. “Hi, its nice to meet you.”

Kelly nodded. “Likewise, I’m sure.” There was something off about the way she said that, but I was too preoccupied by the fact that Kelly had just knocked my ice cream into my lap.

“Agh!” I lept out of the chair. “Cold, cold, cold!”

“Oh baby, I’m sorry!” Kelly looked horrified.

Kalyla just looked on without saying anything.

“Its fine.” I lied, “I’ll just go home and change my pants.”If that’s ok with you Kalyla, I don’t want to bring you here and ditch you."

“No, no.” She waved her hand. “I have kickboxing class anyway. I’ll see you later.”

Then she left.

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I’m standing in line for ice cream with this sun-tanned California boy, Devon, who’s obviously more perceptive than I first thoug...

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