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  1. For Timofey

    Spent my whole life trying to find my missing pieces Covering up my imperfections Little did I know, I was looking for A single missing piece Don’t you realize that you complete me? Make me feel as if I was never broken Never hurt, never worried ...

  2. The Losing Game

    I’m falling again Forgive me, darling I’m not strong enough to hold my own Against myself Beside myself Ahead of myself Ask Alice, she’ll know what this means I’m lost Did you know that? And somehow, every time you find me I fee...

  3. Touch-Me-Nots

    Been living my life like a Touch-Me-Not Hiding in the corners, falling through the cracks Freeing up the space- in a place- too big to contain me Trying to arrange me (i’m not a damn flower; you’ll see) The thing about weeds No one notices ...

  4. The Damsel

    The bird has flown the coop Throw me in the river (Again) For this time I won’t float I am hopeless Break the hourglass Those tiny, insignificant grains of sand They’re too little to make Much difference to me Especially, in this scalding desert B...

  5. 2010 Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

    Its 12:14 AM, New Years Day, January 1st 2010. I get into bed and slide under all four blankets, in my tank top and shorts pajamas that my mom never understands. Its a new year and I’m kind of excited, for all the usual reasons. Then I remember 2...

  6. Anastasia

    Anastasia watched as the Healer conversed with the outsider. He was a fascinating creature, to be sure. His dark hair and green eyes stood out among all the other folk. She sighed, they would probably send him away or something. Anastasia bit her lip r...

  7. The Rose of Tears

    The Rose of Tears Is coming for you Can’t you hear the dripping sound? The Rose of Tears Its coming for you It bids you turn around The petals are colored with depression The stem is thorned regret The leaves are beckoning to you A dark and dead...

  8. The Fading Masquerade

    A flower without water Is clearly going to die No matter how much trouble Tears will not fall from my eyes The petals of the bloom are bruised The flower is forgotten She is left quite alone The colors there are haunted No matter how hard I press, or h...

  9. The Mirror

    There is a girl, carrying a mirror down to her basement. She isn’t going to look at it, she hardly ever does; she never likes what she sees in it anyway. Its enormously heavy, the gilded, full length, reflective behemoth. Its glass pieces are scr...

  10. Life Is Like A Game, Play Again.

    You rescued me When I was Drowning Made me Smile When I was Frowning You showed me that Somewhere There’s always someone Who really cares Don’t turn back Look to the Light Don’t give up Keep up the fight I know that sometimes Life i...

  11. As For Love...

    It hurts It saves It separates and brings together Holds people by an invisible tether But keep yours away from me Just go away and let me be Love loves to hate me It shows up and fades away How can I stand to live this way? Just go and leave me alone...

  12. She Wanders Lost

    She wanders lost Forever blind Always running out of time She wanders lost Through streets of embers Always encouraging her to Forget… Or maybe Remember? She wanders lost Through time and space Maybe its time To throw this race? She wanders lost...

  13. Needing To Live, Wanting To Die

    Needing To Live Wanting To Die I don’t remember why I try Give me a reason To continue this season I see no hope right now I see nothing I don’t want to play Russian Roulette Take me Or leave me But please, don’t bleed me After you&#...

  14. It's Already Too Late

    I don’t know if I can take it I don’t have what it takes to make it I would rather run away Please, don’t make me stay It hurts me so deeply Can’t you hear me pleading? I beg of you release me It might already be too late…...

  15. Kalyla's Brother

    I sat in my room listening to the jazz station on the radio, and trying not to worry about the call from my Dad. I could hear my brother downstairs singing as he made dinner. “You don’t have to be beautiful, to be my girl!” I came to ...

  16. Desperate

    Don’t Expect me to care Such is dark despair Pathetic quiverings of the heart Erratic shakings of a pen Really don’t qualify As art Take me away I need to run Ongoing pressures Never getting a fresh start

  17. The Gates Are Closing

    The Gates are closing And it’s snowing It always does in such clichés So maybe I’ll just stay Inside the door I see no reason To continue bleeding For something that doesn’t make sense Isn’t worth the expense Not at all The snow just turns to...

  18. On The Feelings of...

    Left to her own devices To contemplate virtues and vices And what does she have left? I’m sure the answer’s nothing Alone without anyone who cares Go on about your own affairs Don’t look at me And I won’t look at you They tend t...

  19. Heroes Vs. Villains

    “Um G2,” Lone Writer started. “I’m pretty sure that the Revolutionaries had their heads fully attached to their shoulders. Also, can we please wait until we are at least partially healed before we go into something guns blazing?” “Since whe...

  20. G2's Secret Lair & Kevin Lawver's Pen

    “Do I get Cowboy boots too?” Lil’ Krully asked. “We don’t have any in your size.” Fantasy said. “Oh.” Lil’ Krully looked disappointed . “Anything else you need to tell me?” Lone Writer asked wearily. We’re in G2’s secret lair-...

  21. Admiral Tommy Tomato

    “O.K, listen up here, Fruits!” I cried. “I’m Tommy Tomato and I’m gonna help all of you leftover fruits escape!” I saw Kevin making for the basement door. “Kevin, get back here!” I roared. The Kiwi flinched and rolled back towards me.

  22. Jolly Roger Explores A New Land: A Cap'n Scally Wag Tale

    While Captain Scally Wag was finishing off his mortal enemy Captain Swash Buckle, I, first mate Jolly Roger went off to explore this strange new land on my own. I glanced back at the dramatic scene unfolding behind me. I swear! This is the kind of scur...

  23. A Pirate Doesn't Begin A Pirate {Retro Ficlets}

    I wasn’t always a pirate. I didn’t always pillage and plunder and steal. I didn’t WANT to be a pirate. I never did and I never will. It’s not my fault that I ended up this way. I just did. I was a normal child, I would believe anything you told...

  24. Tanya Knows The Price {Retro Ficlets}

    “What do ya want wid me?” I demanded. “Why, the bounty of course!” Tanya smiled. “Do ya have any idea of the price on yer head?” Of course I knew, but why would I let her know that? “A price?” I asked. “What price? I’ve never had no...

  25. The Joys Of Unrequited Love

    For some reason I can’t explain You make my each and every day And every time you look my way Its hard to get my heart to stay In my chest where it belongs I know you don’t think you’re much But being near you is a must We talk each a...

  26. For Jesi And Mighty-Joe

    You left me, yes its true But while you were here I was just happy to be stuck with you Every time I close my eyes Thinking of you, that’s no surprise It gets harder for my chest to rise My soul will take to open skies Completely indescribable Th...

  27. Ficly Lands Under Storm Cover

    Captain Jason circled looking for a place to land, being covered by the dark billowing clouds that were The Silent Storm. He’d yet to say anything but he was attempting to help. “Looks like we’re going to have to land in the water....

  28. Victoria's Lack of Secrets

    Oliver frowned at Victoria. “If Leo talks to you, will you let Laylani come back?” Victoria pouted. “Do I have to?” She purred. “Yes, yes you do.” He said back. “So do you agree or not?” “Fine.̶...

  29. Leaving Diane

    “I love you.” Diane squeezed his hand. “You do know that right?” Damian laughed. “Of course I know that, how could I not? I love you too.” There was something different about the way he said it this time. “Day,...

  30. When A Stranger Calls...Or in This Case...

    I went home mad. Kelly had no right to treat me or Kalyla this way. I flopped on my bed and groaned. Why was this happening to me? First I have to move to this backwater ridiculous part of South Carolina, and second my new girlfriend seems to have issu...

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