Death by Sexbot

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Brookville – A gruesome scene awaited emergency personnel when they went into a home after neighbors reported “blood curdling screams.” They found a man in his late 40’s, whose identity has yet to be released, in a pool of blood with his Model 137 “Amber” Sexbot. Apparently, the man had modified the sexbot’s program controlling the vaginal “muscles.” Instead of increased pressure, the robotic muscles – in the words of an EMT – “clamped down like a bear trap.” The man was rushed to Brookville Hospital where he died from excessive blood loss.

SexBot Inc. – manufacturer of the Amber – would not comment on this specific case other than to state, “Unauthorized modifications to our products not only void the warranties, they can also be dangerous.”

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  1. Avatar K-Jellybean

    I think that qualifies the man for a Darwin award.

  2. Avatar Oy

    Most painful way to die. Period.

  3. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    hey this might have made it in the cyberpunk is not dead challenge

  4. Avatar Aurelia


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