Falling Rocks

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Officer Stern arrived at the scene promptly. As the cop in a town with a population of 102, he didn’t usually have much to do but sit around and eat donuts at Manny’s Diner. But today was different: today, he had received a call from a newcomer, somebody just passing through.

“Thank God you’re here, Officer,” said an old woman. “I was driving along when I saw that sign. I thought nothing of it, until I looked up!” Stern looked up, the facts and circumstances clicking into place. Above the road was a cliff, overlooking a lake. Some cliffs might have rained pebbles now and then. This was a different story.

Up on the cliff was a group of six or more teenagers. Stern shook his head, imagining the teens on a road trip, passing through until they saw the sign. And, teens as they were, they couldn’t resist something “Rockin’!”

A boy in nothing but his underwear faced the road, his back to the lake. A friend gave him a shove, and the last thing they heard before he hit the water was “Falling Rocks!

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  1. Avatar g²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    X) I’ve never thought about it like that… I’ll have to keep that in mind next time the family goes through the Poconos.

  2. Avatar ♦ Jenunique ♦

    This was a GREAT play on words. I found myself “thinking” half way through, then I said, “Oooh.” (Just goes showing my age a little. Not an adjective I use everyday. ;) )

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    lol, I thought the strange woman was going to be the subject, but no, you changed it to teens, which fits really well in explaining the sign, but not the woman. I like her exasperation, though.

  4. Avatar Stovohobo

    I think it could be revised a smidge for clarity, but it works in the end. Nice play on words.

  5. Avatar K-Jellybean

    My dad used to tell me that the “watch for falling rock” signs were in memoriam of a young Indian boy who lost his way somewhere near the Grand Canyon. He was out for a walk one day and he just walked too far and when no one could find him, they put up signs so that everyone would know to “watch for Falling Rock”

    very tragic story… they never did find him. :(