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Izzy, 18. Citizen of the world, performer, writer. The arts are my saving graces, I think. I was originally a member of Ficlets, and now I’m here. Let’s get to know each other.

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  1. fly away

    He didn’t know why he ate the sun, but he was sure it had something to do with the fact that he was in a perfect world. It put up a good fight, squabbling away from his grasp as he tried to choke it down, crawling like an insect up his throat, before...

  2. Darkroom

    I rifled through the cabinets, rooting out the offending pictures, the visual assaults on my wellbeing. They would all go. Not one print would be spared, not as long as they fostered such hurt. It was with good reason that I tossed them into the trash....

  3. Last Dance

    I closed my eyes and visualized the plan. It was a dancer’s trick; I was once a member of my Commune’s dance team. Going back in time to kill a murderer was a bit different from performing a jazz-kick routine, but the technique stuck with m...

  4. Closure

    The silence screamed what we were afraid to. “Do you think we should-” “I want to tell you-” “What?” “What?” Beat-beat. Tick-tock. “Sorry.” “It’s fine.” He hesitated. I shift...

  5. Nothing Yet

    Good god your predicament describes mine to a tee. I sit in front of a bright screen fingers cold from lack of movement itching to fly across the lettered stage they live for uncharacteristically silent. For days now no, weeks I have told myself “...

  6. New in Town

    Trust me; the irony that the first real home I’d ever had was a Beverly Hills mansion has not escaped me. My mother and I had been nomads my whole life; always on the move, always looking for the next adventure. Sure, I realized that eventually w...

  7. Nightfall

    The Friend beckoned, and I followed. I walked behind it, marveling at the silence of every step. The air smelled of cinnamon and pine needles, with a dash of something warm and indescribable; the scent of my childhood home, lost long ago. This silent, ...

  8. Dysfunctional

    I hate you less than others. …………………………

  9. Sentimentality

    One after another, I stuffed my belongings into my suitcase, working efficiently. I had never been the sentimental type; even as a child, I had tried not to assign feelings to inanimate objects. Things got lost, burned in fires, shrank in the laundry. ...

  10. Apart

    After a while it gets to you. The happy shift of a friend’s eyes down to the ground when asked about her Significant Other how she’ll blush and shrug and smile a private smile spew something generic, like “I’ve never felt this w...

  11. Shotgun Wedding

    She gazed into the eyes of her killer and whispered “I do”. ……..

  12. To Caleb's Future Girlfriends

    The thing about Caleb is that you always feel like you’re losing him. He’ll distance himself. From time to time, he won’t meet your eyes. In most guys, this would be like a metaphorical neon sign flashing over his head, saying Get out...

  13. Atmosphere

    I stare at the ceiling for no reason at all. I have memorized it crack for crack, categorized each water-damage mark like a map of the stars. My stars. My sky. I hear the drip-drop of a faulty faucet; constant, my only measure of time here. It doesn&...

  14. Prison

    “Shouldn’t we… shouldn’t we talk about it out of earshot?” “What, the kid? Nah, he don’t even talk. No worries.” Stop it. Just stop it. “Well… alright. What do you think is the best choice for...

  15. The Ghosts of Summers Past

    Two years have passed since we touched hands through the chain length fence, all forbidden fruit and hormones. On especially quiet Sundays, I often find myself laying in the grass; the very spot where we once laughed and talked and planned for a future...

  16. 1 Cerulean Hill Road

    Looking up from the bottom of Cerulean Hill, one might have mistaken it for a nice place. The pale blue paint seemed innocent enough. The clean, white picket fence surrounded the yard with the promise of keeping bad guys out. In reality, it was too lat...

  17. For the Record

    for the record, I get up at 5:45 every day try to make myself pretty and shuffle off to school. I stumble into Spanish at 7:29 because school starts at 7:30 and being late means detention. I wait for 6.5 hours then practice theatre for 4 and if I corre...

  18. Rising

    “It’s done, Malik,” I murmured. “The cops will be here any minute.” He glowered at me— crying? Pissed. “What are you going to do?” He bellowed. “What the hell are you gonna do without me?” I l...

  19. envy's living quarters

    The demon, the too-familiar one, who sits on your heart and nearly causes your smile to break when you say “I’m really happy for you.”

  20. Pandemic Prom

    “You look totally great, Adrienne. I love how you bejeweled your Hazmat suit.” “Thanks, hon! Your virus mask really brings out your eyes.” It was time for Pandemic Prom: the one event that the students of Last Survivors High Sch...

  21. I Don't Know.

    forget the sound of my voice that I ever walked this green earth at the same pace that everyone else did but I could never keep up. don’t worry about me. where I’m going you don’t need thoughts just an eternally warm bed and eyes closed forever. ...

  22. Juan

    From the outside of Campbell’s Diner, Juan could see the flashing lights, could hear the pop music of his school’s dance a block away. Most of the kids he knew would be there; he, in contrast, was up the street, bussing tables and taking out the tr...

  23. From Juan to Maria

    Juan had been wrestling with the idea all hour. Should he write it? Was he overstepping his boundaries? He couldn’t just pretend that he hadn’t seen the looks that passed between Dobbins and Maria, and she was only one seat to his rightR...

  24. Juan de Silva in 25 Years

    In twenty-five years, I will have outlived both of my uncles. I will have lost my accent by then. I will have gotten out of this town and will do something that means something to me. Like art. I would like to just be able to draw and draw and draw as ...

  25. Desk #9: Juan de Silva

    Juan de Silva sat in the back of the classroom, mercifully forgotten. After the label of the foreigner had lost its luster in the eyes of his less tactful peers, Juan found solace in sinking into the woodwork. It was nice there; the echoes of “Jo...

  26. Alive

    An energy circle: hands clasped tight, heavily made-up eyes squeezed shut. Silence except for the distant buzz of audience members filing in and the click-clack of shifting character heels. Then we break apart big smiles, inadvisable cheers. ̶...

  27. 16.5 [Coming of Age Challenge]

    16.5 means second-guessing your every move trying to predict the impact it’ll have trying to make the right choices. 16.5 means sobbing at Senior Speeches in that cramped, sacred greenroom because you know it will be your turn soon to leave, and ...

  28. RIP, stranger.

    i probably saw you. probably bumped into you in the hallway, me decked out in school colors, you adorned with your pain. you died on a friday; the night before the big game, where you would have met with your friends and booed as we lost. “sorry&...

  29. Winners [predator challenge]

    The lights in your house are pleasant; warm, but not overpowering. Safe. They look like home from the harsh reality of a cold night spent peering into your living room. It could be my home, too. You said you would call. I remember when we met. A sparkl...

  30. You at the Funeral [Retro Ficlets challenge]

    When you are a six-year-old boy dressed up in a suit with your hair all combed, you are bound to be a little uncomfortable. When your parents won’t stop crying and you can’t figure out where your big brother went, it’s normal to be confused. Your...

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