People are Strange

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Ed was driving Jim to work, as usual. Well, not driving at the moment, they were sitting in traffic— for the third time this week, and it was only Wednesday.
“You know, Jim, if you were to set your alarm for fifteen minutes earlier, we might not have to wait in this traffic jam each morning,” Ed said, observing the cars beside them creeping forward.
“What are you saying exactly, Ed?” Jim answered, turning to Ed with narrowed eyes.
Ed shrugged, keeping both hands on the wheel, “Merely making known an observation that might render us to work on time. By the way, would you mind phoning ahead and letting the office know of our status… again?” He smiled.
Jim swallowed down the urge to roll his eyes as he dialed. Ed turned on his blinker and was attempting to merge when a horn blared nastily at them.
Jesus!” exclaimed Jim when Ed stepped hard on the brake.
Ed apologized to Jim and rolled down the window. To the honking driver he began to explain, “Pardon me, but I have need to merge at this time…”

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  1. Avatar Elisabeth L. Davis(LoA)

    It took me a moment, but I got it.

  2. Avatar Dr. Theopolis

    I like it; great sense of humor, and really interesting characters/situation.

    It’s hard to tell if Ed is just a really nice guy, or extremely calm and cool, or just plain annoying, like some ultimate stuck up swot kid. It’s also hard to tell whether Jim and the nasty driver behind are the worst ones, mostly pushing Ed into this situation. But I really like that — how the characters interact, and you see pros and cons of the different personalities.

    Was going to give it 4 because it felt like the character was unfinished, but then I remembered the story is supposed to be open, so 5 it is :)

  3. Avatar Alexa Reed (LoA)

    An alien lacking our quality of meanness. I like it.

    Would’ve given it a five, but the lack of a break between paragraphs costs at least a point.

  4. Avatar Chakatreamentinnahouse (LoA) Fool

    I like the ambiguity of the story, in that, I don’t really know who the DB is here(db= douchebag)…The obvious one is the guy whose inability to wake up makes you late for work-BUT- not being a morning person, it could just as easily be the person trying to steal 15 precious minutes of your sleep…all in all a really good opening scene with promising characters to develope:)

  5. Avatar afriel

    Oh. I thought the ‘alien’ trait was extreme punctuality at first. Ed reminds me somewhat of of Sheldon in Big Bang Theory; less irritating but yeah.