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There comes a time in everyone’s life where you have to retrace your steps and work out exactly how things went so horribly, terribly, irreparably wrong.

Dylan knew exactly where this had occurred. It had started with the words, “Let’s all go camping this weekend.” “Let’s go to the mountains,” was the next blunder, followed by “I don’t think we have any particular need for an actual tent.” The affair culminated with the decision to have a barbecue, and the lack of foresight to check whether or not there were bears in the area.

Bears have a reputation of being cuddly, friendly creatures. This reputation, as Dylan and his friends quickly discovered, was quite ill-deserved, and that night they learnt in explicitly gory detail what a bear hug actually was.

When Dylan would recount the tale to his Grandchildren some decades later, he would put a humorous spin on it. But the truth of the matter was this: He could not close his eyes without seeing his friends torn to pieces by the angry, hungry creature.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    don’t feed the bears! it probably wasn’t their fault.. I mean years ago someone fed the bears, and now future generations are paying for it..