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It crouched and watched as the two women exited the alley, one dragging the other by the arm. Once they were out of sight, it moved.
Approaching the man slumped against the alley wall, it felt a rising anticipation. Opportunities like this seemed to be far too infrequent. It approached cautiously at first, then more quickly as its emotions took control. Finally, it had its hands around the man’s head.
Finding the opening, it thanked the woman for cracking the case wide enough for it to enter. It carefully probed into the man’s head. After a few minutes, it found the wires that had been transposed. With equal care, it applied its own wires, clamping them on at each rewired connection.
With a small snap, it applied a jolt to the wires, starting their own flow of power. The flow came back to it through its own wires, filling it with the life-giving emotions the wires once carried.
rapist… it thought to itself and drunk deeply of the cruelty and control the man had enjoyed.
Emotions he would never feel again.

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  1. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    I do like this quite a bit, though I’m not sure if the wire imagery is metaphor or reality. Makes for some interesting sequels. :)

    Oh, formatting suggestion, put a double space between your paragraphs, makes it easier to read, IMO.

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