Becoming Robot

Toonrmicon Author: Robotech_Master Born in Kansas City, Kansas, Chris Meadows spent his formative years in Jonesboro, Arkansas, followed by the small-town environment of Cassville, Missouri, before moving to Springfield to attend Southwest Missouri State U... Read Bio

When the Marauders invaded the Aegis base, I ended up all alone in the sealed-off mech lab. I’d missed the evacuation orders—when you work where giant robots are clanking around all the time, you learn to tune out most distractions. Now I might end up paying for my focus.

I took stock of what I had as odd clangs and thumps suggested Marauders were moving about outside, and trying the bulkhead doors for their durability. So “time” was not a thing I had.

But what I did have was a complete automech shell, in for repairs. I’d just replaced its thermal regulator. The problem was, the occupant was elsewhere. Using a spare, I guessed.

A giant robot without a brain… (Thump. Clang.)

But there were half a dozen blank holo-storage cubes lying around, and automech shells had neural scanners built in…

I climbed into the driver’s seat of the transforming car, yanked open the compartment under the dash, and slotted the cube in. “Hope this works.”

I pushed the button…and in a haze of pain, everything got a lot smaller.

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  1. Avatar ALRO613 (LoA)

    Great start to what could be a great series. Certainly leaves us wanting more.
    I like the technobabble – which was thankfully kept simple, and was just enough to paint a vivid picture of something other-worldly.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    hmm, do neural scans hurt?
    I hope he kicks some Marauder butt!

  3. Toonrmicon Robotech_Master

    Well, if it leaves you wanting more, you could always write a sequel! Worst I’d do is ignore it. :) Or else you could go and read the other Aegis/Marauders stuff in the archive that I wrote back on the old site.

    And the faster the scan is, the more painful it is. Truly painless scanning would take an hour or more, but the protagonist didn’t want to be still in process when the Marauders busted in.

    But there wasn’t room to put that in the ficlet. Nor to have the protagonist have the delightful experience of talking to “himself”. Alas.

    (I’m kind of reluctant to sequel my own stuff, at least at this point, because I think it creates the impression that I have some plan that I want to follow and don’t want any sequels from other people getting in my way. The fact is, I want to see what other people write—though I wouldn’t mind if those other people read my other Aegis/Marauders stuff first so they could get up to speed on what the universe is like.)