An Obscene Hour

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“Six-thirty in the morning is an obscene hour,” he says, staring out the window at the golden-lit trees. “It’s an obscene hour no matter which side of th day you’re coming at it from.”

“Of course,” you say, humoring him. He’s just going to keep talking whether you answer or not, so you might as well answer.

“If you wake up at six-thirty, it’s obscenely early. No one in their right mind should be up prior to eight o’clock.” He speaks as if you should be keeping notes. Perhaps you should. “If you’re still up at six-thirty, then by god you’re up obscenely late. Insomnia is a dangerous thing for the human mind, James.”

“Of course,” you reply, simply, not mentioning that it’s six-thirty in the morning on his third day without sleep.

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  1. Avatar Saint Chuck

    Very nice, I’d love to see a sequel to this. Or rather a prequel to explain the three days awake.

  2. Avatar OrangeOreos (LoA)

    I second Chuck. I really like how this is written in the.. second-person, I think? It’s almost refreshing to see something done differently! :D

  3. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    That is quite different, second person narration. I like much. ^^
    (at the risk of being bombarded with “Dang, you’re insane!”, I feel I must take this opportunity to say that I routinely wake up between five and five-thirty in the morning, merely for the reason that I like to do so.)

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