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Byn is a 19-year-old girl from New England. She has been writing for 7 years, and although she prefers to write fanfiction, she has been known to write a decent amount of original work, as well—especially in the area of science fiction. She hopes to someday publish her work, but until then, she is more than happy to share it for free. She is hopelessly addicted to Twitter, and her sometimes-excessive Tweets can be found here.


  1. Rest

    I’ve always hated these things. The room is humid, full of people dressed in their Sunday Best—though it’s Thursday. The women collect in the center, dabbing at their eyes with inky-smudged handkerchiefs. As I shove through the gaggle...

  2. They Can't Tear Down Our Love

    Laughter bubbled out from her lips. She skipped excitedly down the road. Her hand pulled me along. My feet clumsily trod along as I ran to keep up. I glanced over at her, my childlike grin matching hers. I could already see the top of the Ferris wheel;...

  3. Just Close Your Eyes and Point

    Sometimes, when it gets too much—all the lights, the noise, the constant attention—she disappears. She drives to the airport and points at the departures board at random. She just needs to get away for a while. Disappear under the radar of ...

  4. The Wyatt Inn (Mature)

  5. Big Red Button

    It’s your call. The big red button is staring you down; can you press it? The argument is there, clear and concise. America’s waiting for the next big epidemic; let’s give it to them. Can you do it? You hold your breath and close your...

  6. Have Time; Will Travel

    The world melted in around her, filling the gaps of awareness. Her head spun from the temporal shift, and she fell to her knees, gagging. Once her stomach had stopped lurching unpleasantly, giving her the opportunity to revisit her breakfast, she looke...

  7. Escape (Mature)

  8. She Hides in the Night

    She hides in the night, behind a door of fear and loneliness. The blood pools beneath fresh bruises, inflictions of love that scream back to her from the mirror, illuminated by harsh florescent lights. Intellectually, she knows she should get out; she ...

  9. An Obscene Hour

    “Six-thirty in the morning is an obscene hour,” he says, staring out the window at the golden-lit trees. “It’s an obscene hour no matter which side of th day you’re coming at it from.” “Of course,” you sa...

  10. Come Again Another Day

    I opened the door, feeling the fresh air blow in against me. The overwhelmingly loud sound of rain hitting the stone steps trickled into my consciousness and I looked up at the sky, offended. “Really?” I called out to the Universe. The Univ...

  11. The Other Half

    They say that getting there is half the fun, but they—whomever they are—fail to mention that it’s the easy part. Getting in, that was a cinch; it’s going to be getting the girl and getting out that’s the challenge. You’re no...

  12. Upon a Star

    Her eyes twinkled, just like they had years before, when we lay beneath the stars, full of summer love and heat. The grass had pricked our skin, but we hadn’t noticed, completely absorbed in each other and the magnificent starscape above. It was ...

  13. Hollywood's Full of Girls Like You

    You remember her when you least expect it. She’s a flash of pure white in your mind, like the scarf she wore around her waist, and the scent of the mangoes she was oh-so fond of. You remember how they tasted on her breath when she’d shoved ...

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