How To Configure Every Wireless Router

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Make sure that your router is plugged into the wall, and that an ethernet cable is attached from the router to a computer and another from the router to a modem. Open up either Firefox or Internet Explorer. Direct your web browser to either or, it depends on what address your router responds to. You will be asked to put in a username and password. The username is “Admin” and the password should be blank. From there look for a “wizard” or “easy setup,” something to guide you through the process. There may be more than one, so look. Make sure that the wizard asked you to set a new admin password, a time zone, a name for your wireless network, and what kind of security should be used on the wireless network (I recommend WPA).

Connect a computer to the wireless network. You will have to enter a long string of letters and numbers if you used WPA security, usually called a “Pre-Shared Key.” Done.

If any step here doesn’t work contact your router manufacturer.

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    Most boring ficly ever! It reads like a technical manual…

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    That was the joke <3

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    Lmao, what?!

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    oh yeah this is funny you have succesfully written the worst fictional ficly and the best technical writing ficly at the same time. you rock

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    giving away secrets? well next time let’s make it juicier! lol.

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