And the president goes to the Asylum

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The following morning, after his coffee and strawberry tartines, the president decided that he was going to try to call the aliens back. He *69 ’d the last caller and found that the call had originated from New Jersey, USA. Strange, thought the president, but he called it anyway. Predictably, the number had been disconnected or was no longer in service. Angry, he called in his aid, Peter.
“Do you believe I am a sane person, Peter?” asked the French president.
“Of course, sir,” answered Peter, his smug, French face never wavering.
So, they president took a deep breath and told Peter everything that had happened the previous night. Nodding, Peter said nothing, only tapped on his cell phones screen with his stylus. Several minutes later, large men in white coats arrived and hauled the French president away. They all kind of looked like Nick Cage.
Peter later called a press conference and told everyone that the president had fallen deathly ill and would be replaced by his 2nd in command, himself of course.

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  1. Avatar Ben Paddon

    This didn’t grab me until the “Nick Cage” line, at which point I actually lol’d. Clever; very nicely done. :)

  2. Avatar S. Zee

    You had me at “New Jersey.”

  3. Avatar ethelthefrog

    I’m not entirely convinced, I’m afraid. The idea’s there, but the execution needs a little work. There are too many "French"es in too few lines. *69 is not used in France (only a minor point); you do explain what it means, though, which this dumb Englishman does appreciate.

    Aide, not aid.

    The Nicholas Cage ref ties nicely with the preceding story and did raise a giggle.

    Good effort. Keep at it and it will get better.

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