Out of Options

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Either he found the inspiration to continue writing, or he lost his publisher and his apartment, rent was past due too… two months now? Time slowed down with writers block.

His inspiration, the pages sitting in front of him (which he printed at a local print shop to avoid having to open the files on his pc) waited.

They were pages he had written a year ago, he couldn’t remember what was there specifically, but he could remember their tone – raw and carnal. They were words dug out of the crevasses of his soul and scraped off onto the page. The words were sharp and sliced at him with brutal honesty. They cut deeply into the soft side of his insecurities, spilling the blood of his confidence. Writing it had been an act of masochism, but worse he reveled in rereading its honest brutality, in his sadism. The words were a doorway into that dark inspiration.

He stared at the stack of poisoned pages, they were still warm, warm with new life. He pored himself a drink and turned the first page

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  1. Avatar StudMuffin (LoA)

    Dude, this is so awesome.
    Writers block sucks.

  2. Avatar Twyst

    Thanks stud :)

  3. Avatar Samurai Jack

    i feel the apprehension in him not wanting to read what he has, but knowing that in order to get past this writers block its an inevitability he has to deal with

    i like it. kudos

  4. Avatar Katie

    That was insanely good! I absolutely love it.

  5. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    oh twist…tghis is amazafabulationalistc.
    Yeah its a word.
    one brazillion pencils

  6. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    wow, that is one brutal way to attack the demon! I love your vivid metaphors for the words from the soul. :) But hopefully the pain of rereading will be dulled with time.

  7. Avatar Krulltar

    All writers know you should write about that thing which shall not be named, but otherwise a good story.

  8. Avatar Samurai Jack

    damnit. ps-poured!

  9. Avatar Twyst

    Rofl, I couldn’t even have spelled that right, I think I’m at zero characters at the end, thats why I don’t even have a period at the end. But good catch! Can’t always rely on this wysiwyg.