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From a transmission on FOX News, October 31, 2009:

“We are just receiving word that a nuclear warhead has just been detonated on American soil. The—the bomb seems to have gone off over Washington. It appears that the entire federal district has been destroyed, as…as well as the immediately neighboring areas. Vice President Biden has been transferred to Air Force Two for…we are now getting information that New York has also been affected by a bomb blast. Details are sketchy and it’s not confirmed yet but the bomb seems to have gone off somewhere in Midtown…nobody knows just how many people are dead yet but…but…is this a joke? Randy, is this some sick joke? We’re not really on the air, are we? We’re still showing O’Reilly. You…this is real…uh…I—I—I—I—I’m sorry, guys, uh, I didn’t mean…oh sweet heavens. Reports are now confirming that Los Angeles has also been bombed by what appears to be a nuclear device…as always, stick with FOX News for the latest…I think I’m going to faint.”

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  1. Avatar Radical Yellow Duck

    The thing about this is that it will probably happen. There are more than 30 “suitcase” sized nuclear weapons missing from the russian inventory. Also Iran, North Korea and others would gladly strike at “the great satan”.

    Several thousand OTM’s (other than mexicans) have crossed our southern bourder into the US. Many of them of Saudi or Iranian origin. In venezuala Chaves has been making deals with Iran to base their operations in the western hemisphere.

    I know what you may be thinking. But it isn’t paranoia when there actually are people out to get you.

    I believe that this is not only possible, it is probable. And the current government is against pouring some water on the face of the people that would do this to get information to prevent it.

    May God protect and help us.

    10,000 pencils for the series

  2. Avatar Radical Yellow Duck


  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    i still say they could have bombed verizon.. anyway, the truth was much grimmer than aliens taking out a satellite or verizon going out..
    kudos for exposing FOX news!

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