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Colors are what are used to divide. Green separates the grass from the brown of the earth and colors are painted onto countries on spinning globes to show their difference. Black and blue in the sky divorces night from day.

White and black skin breaks humans apart. The longest organ of the body that is colored so distinctly that for some it is the only thing that they see. The colors of the rainbow are divided and so we divide ourselves, breaking each other apart because we are “different.”

However there is one color that unites us: Red. The color that flows through all our veins. We share it through family, through our humanity and through swords. Without a microscope or tricks to tell us the difference the blood in humans will always be the same color.

Red will always unite us. It is color of warmth, love and Christmas and it also the color of war. Because when the fighting is done and the ground is bare, the only color we can see is not white, black or even yellow but the red of blood that stains.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    As disjointed as the beginning was, the ending tied it all up neatly!

  2. Avatar Tyrannical TeaCup

    The beginning came off more as facts. If you want it to flow more, try to adjust the beginning so it doesn’t seem like you’re teaching a class with a lecture.

    Christmas, to me, was awkward and out of place. However, despite it all, the ending was really good.

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