Short, Sweet and Final

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I doubt you’ll see this. The zombies broke through the lines. Mass panic, screaming everywhere. Saving a bullet for myself, just in case.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    yipes! you may have to retype this in morse code once you go into hiding to try to contact someone about rescuing you..
    mass panic is right..

  2. Avatar DoItForScience


  3. Avatar blusparrow (LoA)

    i love how elsha is like morse code before they get you. that’s great. u gotta watch out for those zombies.

  4. Avatar Marli

    From what ive seen of zombies they are so darn slow. You have time to run!
    Good to see you havent given up writing totally but you are very busy we know.

  5. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Can’t believe I missed this one before. Definitely how I’d handle the situation, though my plan was always a necklace of grenades to set off should things come down to the gory end.

  6. Toonrmicon Robotech_Master


  7. Avatar Ridcully Calvert

    I like how you have managed to tell a fairly involved story in a very short setting. Well done!

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