True Love

Avatar Author: Quizzical Quinn Just a bit of writing in my spare time. Why? Because engineering gets boring after a while. So I write to relieve boredom and to entertain myself when I get bored. Hope you like it. Read Bio

This is the product of a class of AP students let loose to write their own poem. It all fits to form and is correct in theory, but in practical application it is very, very screwed up.

A cold inferno chilled my lonely heart
A day in which my stomach growl’ed much
And then my life began to fall apart
A man who just so happens to be Dutch

Upon his lips there rested a moustache
Under a dark and stormy sky he smiled
Upon the morn’ I found I had a rash
Uh-oh! My precious heart hath been defiled

I’ve been betrayed by facial hair once more
I can no more be called a virgin maid
Indeed today I must be called a whore
I found a note which said I would be paid

I got myself knocked up, but what the heck
’Cuz now I will receive a welfare check

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  1. Avatar DoItForScience

    That title is a LIE!