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Just a bit of writing in my spare time. Why? Because engineering gets boring after a while. So I write to relieve boredom and to entertain myself when I get bored. Hope you like it.


  1. Life of a Jazz Musician

    Smoke is a disgusting thing. Especially when you are breathing it in after it was already in someone else’s mouth. But what can you do, you’re a jazz musician. It is your life. You sit there on whatever the hell kind of platform they give y...

  2. Another Year Older

    One year past and another ahead Standing in the middle of time The coming of a day brings with it a change felt within A moment where the thoughts of a year past feel as old as time, And yet very little has changed The future seems to bring a much brig...

  3. Cyrano

    I am the shadow of what could be. Never truly living up to the full potential Dabble in all but finish none, I am what should have been This and that always there but never present A frustration borne of a need to succeed but seldom doing as such Philo...

  4. True Love

    This is the product of a class of AP students let loose to write their own poem. It all fits to form and is correct in theory, but in practical application it is very, very screwed up. A cold inferno chilled my lonely heart A day in which my stomach gr...

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