Holding Back

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So much tension, so much pain,
I feel so much for you,
Why don’t you feel the same?

All this time, it was going so well,
Suddenly reality hits,
And now I want to yell

Not at you, but at the world,
For tricking me yet again,
I hate how it unfurls.

I do feel deceived,
Some would say led on,
This isn’t what I imagined,
Why are your feelings for me gone?

Hurt and confused.
(That’s the only description.)
I’d ask you these questions,
But I know you’d dismiss them.

Was it something I said?
Was it something I did?
Is there something you’re not telling me?
Why did your feelings for me rid?

I don’t want you to be angry,
I don’t want you to be sad,
I don’t want you to cry,
But why do you seem so glad?

I thought I made you feel special,
I thought I brought you joy,
I thought we looked cute together,
I thought you loved me as your boy.

We are surely changing,
But I hope this transition doesn’t fade to black.
So for now I’ll be forcing a smile,
And it’s all because… well, I’m holding back.

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  1. Avatar Twyst

    very palpable pain. I know this pain.

  2. Amj Lone Writer

    Beautifully worded. Much better than my poetry, the emotion can be felt.

  3. Avatar iLive The Hard Way

    Thanks, Lone =D

    and I obviously know how you feel, Twyst

  4. Avatar OpenSkies

    very relatable. Anybody who has experienced any sort of heartbreak will connect with this.

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