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I’m a nearly 20 year-old student who’s new to the public writing game. I like poems if you couldn’t tell. I’m open to any hints, tips, or tricks if you got ’em!

Writing has always been very therapeutic for me. Hopefully my work can help others as well =)


  1. Lucky You, Unlucky Me

    You win the lottery, I find a penny. You run out of ideas, I’ve got many. I was the best for you, You seemed to be the best for me. I gave you my heart, What you returned was infested with fleas. You had it all, I thought I did too. But now it se...

  2. Live Your Lyrics

    Bop your head, Tap your feet, Follow along, Get up out of your seat. Life is a journey, Life is a song. Play the right music, Always strum along. Compose a symphony, Play it all solo. It’s your time to thrive, Not become a hobo. It’s all an...

  3. Holding Back

    So much tension, so much pain, I feel so much for you, Why don’t you feel the same? All this time, it was going so well, Suddenly reality hits, And now I want to yell… Not at you, but at the world, For tricking me yet again, I hate how it ...

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