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Bop your head,
Tap your feet,
Follow along,
Get up out of your seat.

Life is a journey,
Life is a song.
Play the right music,
Always strum along.

Compose a symphony,
Play it all solo.
It’s your time to thrive,
Not become a hobo.

It’s all an experiment,
Feel out your calling.
There’s no pressure here,
No such thing as stalling.

Live out your lyrics,
Be true to yourself.
Leave no piece of music
Getting dusty on the shelf.

You make the decisions.
You choose who you are.
There’s no such thing,
As too many on guitar.

Lyrics are simple.
Lyrics are deep.
Lyrics are cheesy.
Sometimes they’ll put you to sleep.

Find your tune,
Blast it with pride.
So live out your lyrics,
Show it in your stride.

Many things like this,
Are easier said than done.
So my advice to you,
Sing it louder than you’ve ever sung.

Sing as a soprano,
Sing as a bass.
There’s all types of emotions,
That life will make each of us face.

When the end draws near,
And the lyrics are complete,
Just make sure it was all,
To your very own beat.

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