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I watch as the wind carries the ashes of what once was and can never be again. The terror, the cynicism, the pain have all burned away. In it’s place is a seed, small and scared, unsure of what it is to become, hoping the rain and sun can find it through the debris. Growing is an arduous battle when all that surrounds are charred remains. Destroyed but not forgotten, the lifeless remnants still scream of the evil that had taken place. What is now the helpless seed was once the giver of destruction, taught by some of the earth’s most sinful. Can something so devastating shed everything it once was and sprout roots for a better way? Should it be allowed? The wind carries the ashes of what is to never be again and in the ground waits a seed now filled with guilt, shame, and sorrow.

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  1. Avatar sesquipedalian

    fantastic :)

  2. Avatar Ath

    Thank you very much :)

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Feels like it should be read as metaphor, quite obviously. I couldn’t quite get what that was though. I think I got lost somewhere in the middle, about the origin/nature of seed.
    All the same, the whole thing speaks very effectively of a sense of loss and the trepidation associated with restarting after a devastation.

  4. Avatar Ath

    I tried to express a LOT in one post. To sum it up: The seed is just that, a seed, small and fragile, waiting to grow. It doesn’t even know, itself, what it’s going to grow into. The seed came from a great evil, a tyrant, a dictator if you will who lost everything and is now hoping it can change it’s evil ways, unsure if it’s even deserving. It went from all an all
    powerful raging beast of sorts to a fragile hope clinging to life, surrounded by it’s own wrongdoing. I hope that clears it up a little.