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  1. Just One Dollar.

    Does anyone have a dollar, a mesely dollar, a dollar they can spare? You see I’ve only just started here and have yet to earn my share. I’d be willing to pay back two fold, three times, maybe more. If you had one single dollar for me, I wou...

  2. numb

    Its cuts so deep In a life of lies Who’s to blame? Why the shame Why the pain in your eyes? Did it really have to end in a world of cries? Energy or enemy? Time to break ties Weak with the weak And the strong to this side War of the damned ItR...

  3. The Penguin

    My mom walked into my room and perked her nose in the air. It moved up and down, side to side, and reminded me of a rabbit. She walked around slowly, sniffing, like a dog hot on the trail or a cat who suspects a mouse. She checked the closet, she check...

  4. Hiatus

    I’m goin on a personal hiatus, escaping to where these problems aren’t as raised it’s. become to much, a burden, the day is. filled with too much for one person to bear I weigh this. I weigh that, I break this. I break down, I make th...

  5. Sick Sad Nation

    What happened to Annie Le is tragic, but if it happened to someone named Shaniqua, who had 4 kids with 4 different dads, and was found in the wall of her apartment or at the restaurant where she worked, we wouldn’t be seeing it all over CSPAN and...

  6. Gram

    I hope I am not doing the wrong thing here. I feel compelled to share my own similar story and if AR doesn’t mind, maybe others can too. She was one of the greatest women I ever knew. She was the glue that held the family together, a resounding v...

  7. The Long Road: Stumbling along the path.

    I was completely lost at 17 even though I knew it was coming. I did nothing to prepare for it at all, hadn’t worked, hadn’t saved money, or looked for a place to stay. I floated around with friends until shortly after I got a job and moved ...

  8. The Long Road: The First Steps

    It started when I was a child, the anger, the loathing, and my mom always made excuses for it. I saw her argue everyday with my stepdad, I saw them put holes in walls, flip tables, and that violence eventually found it’s way to me too as I found ...

  9. The Secret

    Have you ever done something and aren’t able to tell anyone? That’s the case with me. I did something horrible, unspeakable that changed a persons life forever and the guilt is ripping me apart everyday. I just want to tell someone, anyone,...

  10. Father to be: Six years later.

    The best part of this is that my daughter is amazing, not to say all kids aren’t amazing, but I mean I was so worried about her getting the “messed up genes” from my crazy family, but in actuality, she is brilliant and athletic. She h...

  11. Father to be: The meaning behind the words.

    My daughter was born 32 days before my 19th birthday and, as you can imagine, the 18th year of my life was filled with dread and confusion. I had no idea what to do and all I could think about was my crazy family and my crazy childhood. Everyone in my ...

  12. Father to be.

    Hey dad talk to me I’m the father to be Hey dad tell me did I do Everything you wanted me to? We havent talked in so long I know you think everything I do is wrong So tell me dad, what would have done if you were me? Cause if I’m not mistak...

  13. The Big Easy, The Hard Way

    Matt knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Making your way into the middle of someone else’s war was a sure way to get killed, and based on last time he saw New Orleans, he knew it wasn’t something worth dying for. Luckily there was Deat...

  14. ?

    Have you ever thought of what your future sought and what it may hold for you? Whether it’s all planned out and what you dream about, is it than somebody already knew? Or does it go piece by piece until it’s all released and then you finall...

  15. Katie and Lily (sexual content) (Mature)

  16. Lily and Katie (sexual content) (Mature)

  17. Lily (sexual content) (Mature)

  18. Make them believe.

    Police arrived to find her a complete mess and him with multiple stab wounds. She had told the 911 operator that he was drunk and tried to rape her again and so she stabbed him and that she said she was too scared to check if he was breathing, that she...

  19. A desperate plea.

    She never thought it’d come to this. She never thought he’d be lying there in his own blood. Would they believe it was self defense? She started to scratch his lifeless body, started ripping his hair out, started to give herself a black eye...

  20. Downward Spiral (Cliche? yes. But it fits)

    Depression starts to set in and everything you let in turns to dust. Your lust consumes the trust broken on a pile of frustration. Temptation is nothing in the end but the trend of the nation will never bend or break for you or me in this demonstration...

  21. You tell me

    I’m rattling my brain for something to write. I need to write. Need to get it out my system. It’s driving me crazy just sitting here reading all these stories by all these people, having a yearning to let my creativity flow through my finge...

  22. Peon's Predicament

    The peon sat in the back, hog tied, looking at two of the craziest men, he was sure, he had ever encountered. He was at the bottom of the food chain by a desert mile and thought for sure he would soon become non existent and the thought of how he would...

  23. Ashes

    I watch as the wind carries the ashes of what once was and can never be again. The terror, the cynicism, the pain have all burned away. In it’s place is a seed, small and scared, unsure of what it is to become, hoping the rain and sun can find it...

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