Bait and Switch

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“I can’t carry enough food and water for a trip like that!” objected Matt.

“Especially for three people. You’re taking your Doctor and new merc friends with you. I need you to survive the trip.”

Matt literally growled at the Mayor. “Under what authority are you exiling me?”

“The usual; my merc army. And I’m not exiling you, I want you to return. You are my Ambassador and as such you will have government support. Here’s a writ; take it to any merchant and get what you want. Send them to me and I will see that they get fairly paid.” She handed it over. Matt didn’t move from his seat.

Eye sighed. “Matt, you’ve known me longer than almost anybody else in Tucson. I’ll level with you. I enjoy it actually, so few people seem to be my equal around here. I intend to hold our first ever Election, if anybody is willing to run against me. In two months, at the New Year. I need you gone. If you ran, you might win, and then sooner or later you would lead us to war with Mexico Norte, and my Tucson would be destroyed.”

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    smart woman. strategic move.

Inspired by

The Mayor paused for a response from Matt but got none. “I consider you the second most important person in Tucson, Matt.” Number...

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