Until the End

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Anne moved the chair over next to her husband George. From her purse she took a thick paperback; bought just over a week before. Putting on her glasses, she read the back cover and shook her head. “I never did see why you read these kinds of stories.” She opened to the receipt used as a bookmark and said, “You only had forty-some pages left.”

Without knowing anything about the characters or plot, she began reading the end of the story to her husband as he lay silently in his best suit.

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    Well done. I like it.

  2. Avatar emily.ruth

    awww! that’s so sad. :(

  3. Avatar Kater

    Very beautiful and sad!

  4. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Very sweet moment, and a nice job capturing that sort of quiet and pragmatic acceptance some people seem to find for death.

  5. Avatar Abstract

    My sentiments echo those above me.

  6. Avatar oneoveralpha

    One thing that sucks about death is all the books I’ll never get to write or read. I was thinking about that one night while I tried to sleep and got this idea. After ten minutes or so, I had the entire story written in my head, so I got up and typed it up. Funny how that works.

  7. Avatar mama murph (LoA)

    oh wow! that is what I said when I got to the end….and again….oh wow.

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