Warrior Princess

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Wintry winds whipped the castle on the freezing December night. December the 18th to be exact. Inside, a historic event was taking place. A baby was being born. No, two babies were being born. But one was much more important than the other. One was the future Princess Stella. The other was the daughter of a poor fisherman, also named Stella.
The queen was alone in the room with her newest baby. She cooed and awed over her precious angel, her lovely firstborn.
“Oh angel, aren’t you a beauty. Yes, we’ll have no problems getting you married, now will we?” She whispered.
“Oh, won’t she?” A high, clear voice said. Queen Kala’s voice breath left her in a whoosh. “Aw, what happened, no more cooing over the baby?” mocked the woman. She was the evil witch, Wursa. " I put a curse on you child, I will come after you on your 22nd birthday, the day you become immortal."
“I-immortal? Do you mean, Stella is the Chosen Princess? You can’t curse her, she is powerful.”
“Oh yes I can. "

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