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Those tiny little moments and pieces that seem so unimportant but affect my entire future and build up the masterpiece of my life.


  1. Winter Princess

    “I love you so much.” I remember that day..When I told Damien I loved him. I did- love him, I mean. I suppose that’s why this all started in the first place. Because I loved him. Because I loved. He’s dead and gone…with the wind. Like the ro...

  2. Warrior Princess

    Chapter 1 When I was little, I was set on the steps of the warrior school. No one knows how I got there, least of all me. All I know is that I was set with a letter, and a lot of money. I am 21, and my name is Stella. I don’t know what my last na...

  3. Warrior Princess

    Prologue (cont.) The fisherman and his wife finally agreed, because they had other children as well. But they made the King promise that he would give their daughter a good life, to which he agreed. “I’ll treat like my own.” Gordon s...

  4. Warrior Princess

    Prologue (continued) “How?” Kala asked? “She’ll become immortal the very second she turns 22. I will destroy her before then. watch me. " Wursa disappeared in a smoky haze. Queen Kala started sobbing. She rang her bell and...

  5. Warrior Princess

    Prologue Wintry winds whipped the castle on the freezing December night. December the 18th to be exact. Inside, a historic event was taking place. A baby was being born. No, two babies were being born. But one was much more important than the other. On...

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