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I’m goin on a personal hiatus, escaping to where these problems aren’t as raised it’s. become to much, a burden, the day is. filled with too much for one person to bear I weigh this. I weigh that, I break this. I break down, I make this. My final goodbye, it’s mine, I try, to find, my way sit, and listen to what I say it, has gotten to a point im too complacent, these walls were falling way before I made sense, of these surroundings now that I play scripts, in my head I surround myself with fakeness. I had it good but I lied, left behind my pride, I stole and I tried, to make a penny worth a quater, a quater worth a life. time of sacrifice. Truth is im broke, the whole charade is a joke. The ink on my flesh is all I have to show but writing wont make it go, not anymore I need to grow, I need to shape, I need to flow. Am I ready? Here I go…

I’m not leaving for real, just tried to reveal, to myself how it’d feel, if it no longer appealed, to write how I deal, in a world of drear.

It would suck!

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  1. Avatar Ath


    the commas and periods simply act as breaks to help the rhymes flow.

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