Egbert fails at Feng Shui

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“What do you mean, she moved the furniture?” asked Dave.
“She moved things. Around. Chairs, sofa – furniture,” said Egbert.
“You took home a woman that moved your furniture on the first night? Nice.” That was Allan. Allan was the bartender at the Carp and Trout. Along with everyone else at the bar, he’d been listening to the story. Unlike Dave, he had not refrained from whistling and cheering.
Dave looked at the plastic packet on the bar counter. “How am I supposed to get this to her?”
“I’ll give you her number,” said Egbert.
“Here’s a pen,” piped Allan.
“No need,” said Egbert, unfolding a piece of foolscap from his wallet.
“She left several copies in several places. So I wouldn’t lose it.”
Cheers from the bar. Dave looked miserable at his task.
“Why’d you take her home in the first place?”
Egbert wasn’t really sure. It was a matter of manners really. What can you do after a fruitcake puts all her raisins in your bowl? You had to do something. But god knows, you didn’t have to do it again.

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  1. Avatar Bill Hartzia

    Hehe, that made me smile! She sounds like an interesting date, albeit not one I’d want for myself…

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Hmm, going to have to take some time to mull this all over and see where it can possibly go. She’s certainly swung from the suspicious to the object of suspicion. Kind of a funny scene here, the guys at the bar getting a good laugh over a dating story.

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