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I have a way to go with fiction writing, and am finding Ficly challenging and inspiring… kind words are nice, but I’d be delighted to receive constructive criticism when you have it!


  1. There within

    I look to the child held in her mother’s arms, awash in the surfeit of love so vast there is no moment without laughter, no moment of lack or want. She is there, within. I listen to her heart, beating unquestioning. Its steady, faithful pulse ask...

  2. The art of painlessness

    ‘Say what you like about serial monogamy,’ declared Annette, ‘I value the process of elimination. I’ve learned what I want and what I won’t stand for. And Chris knows the same. No need for all that codependent angst.’...

  3. Dear Danny (Mature)

  4. The greatest myth of them all

    Her endless skirt swirled in silvery tides and currents. Far below, at her immense hems, they sat, swarming and intent, like worker bees or ants. Stitching, embroidering. Each brought a precious bead, a tattered thread, something to work painstakingly ...

  5. Four pencils

    Yes but. Yes but your spelling sucked. Yes but you need to learn about paragraphs. Yes but I wanted just a little bit more to make it excellent. Yes nearly.

  6. Five pencils

    A few weeks ago I read a story that actually haunted me for days. I still click on the author’s profile frequently to see whether she’s written anything else. Because I want to read more. That story kept me entertained at traffic lights, an...

  7. I am Legend in 10 words

    Noooooooo! KILLER ……. MONSTER ……. PLAGUE! At least I have my dog.

  8. Citizen Kane in 10 words

    Lost sledge drives print tycoon to fame, fortune and dissatisfaction.

  9. Egbert fails at Feng Shui

    “What do you mean, she moved the furniture?” asked Dave. “She moved things. Around. Chairs, sofa – furniture,” said Egbert. “You took home a woman that moved your furniture on the first night? Nice.” That was ...

  10. American Psycho in 10 words

    Patrick Bateman cleanses, moisturises, tones, rapes, kills, hallucinates et cetera.

  11. Alternative Titanic in 10 words

    “Rose?” “Jack!” “Rose…” “Jack…” “Rose!!!” “Jack!” “ROOOOOOOOSSSSSSE!!!” “JACKKKKK!!!” “Ro – o-o-o-se….” (sinks)

  12. The Big Lebowski in 10 words

    Dude’s rug gets stolen. Jesus bowls. Donnie dies. Dude abides.

  13. The conversation of insects

    By the age of 5, Phyllis could understand the conversations of insects. Phyllis’ unusual talent brought with it a degree of solitude, which further fuelled her interest in entymology, and the solitude and the entymology chased each other in incre...

  14. A different menu

    Egbert couldn’t see why Dave had insisted he needed a different place for the second date. But, thankfully, the Snout and Whisker looked almost identical to the Carp and Whistle inside. “You didn’t have to bring those,” chirped...

  15. Egbert looks for love

    “The first date, and you think – she might be The One?” Dave said slowly. “Yep,” said Egbert, picking up a potato wedge and dipping it momentously into the polystyrene mini-cup of sauce. “Pretty huge, huh?” The sauce dripped a bit onto hi...

  16. There was an old woman (Mature)

  17. Almost the perfect burglary (Mature)

  18. A year ago (Mature)

  19. My big brown boots

    On the day he left I walked the streets I lost my shoes, my feet were bare You took my hand and led me home You found my clothes and combed my hair You took me from the foreign place You led me from the burning tar And washed my devastated feet You pac...

  20. this room

    in this strange unwalled room i did not see your face and if I saw your hands tomorrow i would not recognise their shape in this room in no country this room of no borders and no single book of rules i heard only your voice brief and taut and clear fir...

  21. Party pack

    “Don’t worry, you’ll meet someone. You won’t be a single mum forever," she says, sympathy piped into her voice like the rosettes on the Smurf-blue cake. We’re gathered around plastic tables laden with party packs of marshmall...

  22. Bad dream in the void

    Where is my shadow? He wondered in sudden panic, Awake and alone No sun cast an answer so Forty-Two went back to sleep.

  23. Pan fried

    With bubbling noise the plains of Pan awoke As butt’ry whiffs arose upon the smoke. The legions rose, awakened by the sound, And thund’rous in their hunger gathered round To see the victims, pale and smooth and domed, Amassed from fields wh...

  24. Heart of Darkness

    Is your death metal starting to feel a bit lite? Has your existential angst turned from bespoke heavy-duty personal baggage to pint-sized Prada cocktail purse? Is Oprah starting to get you down? Maybe you’ve found yourself reading about Paris Hil...

  25. A matter of time

    Come write, she said, and nudged me onto the stage. I shivered momentarily, blinked into the glare of the lights, scrabbled for a costume. Held up a few against me. They revealed stories I wasn’t ready to tell. Til I found the small spotted thing...

  26. I only have your best interests at heart

    Tashie 41 weeks! I know you planned to “go natural”, but honestly, darling, you and your sisters were all induced bang on two days before my due date, and everyone was fine. Just thinking of you and the baby, of course. Are you still having...

  27. Aftermath

    Sunday morning, the sky brazen, empty. A week ago it hadn’t even begun. It doesn’t seem right that I could run the course of you in three days. It started with: “You’re so lucky.” As she fingered, longingly, the hem of my...

  28. Will anyone ever

    Will anyone ever see you with such precision touch you so guilelessly endure wordlessly your pain howl at you with such fury demand that you journey to the furthest edges of reason and sense, and bring back the rewards and hand them over Will anyone ev...

  29. viral foe pah

    “What do you mean not on the list?” she said, exchanging glances with P. “I mean not on the list,” said the bouncer. “No entry. No login. VIPs only. Sorry, sweetie.” Her diamante bangles glittered as she pointed to ...

  30. birthday morning

    The sky is large on large days and small on small days and [don’t edit] birthdays are good days unless they’re bad days don’t hide hideaway days are also small and perhaps lost days lots of days daze days on the bright grey sea d...

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