Hiding Behind The Stitches (Continued)

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The pressure is building deep inside
The tears are burning behind my eyes

And people ask me
Cross my invisible line
I’m miserable and broken, the teenage equivalent of ‘I’m Fine’

I can feel it
Its pressing down inside my head
My very footsteps feel dead

Behind the Façade
I am uncertain
Because sometimes light slips through the curtain

I am so afraid
Of what they would say
If they saw me backed in the corner this way

And so
I put away the Pen
Trapped in my personal Lion’s Den

Through Another
Day I Plod
Only God knowing I’m a Fraud

Give me the strength
To carry on
For Only I Can Change My Song

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  1. Avatar Moonlightgirl

    very deep and powerful

Inspired by

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Hiding Behind The Stitches by Lone Writer