The Genius of Madness?

Avatar Author: pettins Never written anything fictional since some failed attempts at school. But willing to give it a go, on the basis that this is a loving community and anyway, feedback is the best medicine...or something :-) Read Bio

The former IT programmer (lets call him Sam) sat at his desk, staring at the screen.

He had so much he wanted to do in life, but every time he started to develop an idea, his mind wandered onto another great idea.

After many years, and a thousand tangents (or was it 1,024 ?), he created the concept of the Tangent-ometer (TGO) and off he went again, onto a new train of thought. “Lets call the TGO a Meta-Tangent” he joked to himself and any of his IT colleagues who would listen.

But Society (lets call him Soccy for short) would not let him develop au naturale. Soccy wanted everyone to be productive in a linear way.

“Start one item and finish it”, Soccy barked at every opportunity. “Tangents are for time wasters and mad people”

So Sam learnt how to ACT like a person that Soccy would accept and employ. And he did it well. He even managed to be a high performer.

But every time he allowed himself to wander down Tangent Alley, Sam noticed that he was SO creative and inspired. There must be another way…

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  1. Avatar Melia

    Hey Pettins! What a great first fic! Humourous and a little wistful I’d say. I hope Sam manages to wander down Tangent Alley often :)

  2. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    I think this is one of the lighter entries, very much appreciated.
    I rather liked the personification of Society and all that, and yet our friend Sam seeks out a way to go off on tangents.

    Thanks for entering!

  3. Avatar ernmander

    Excellent first Boo oops I mean Ficly. Nice to see a lighter style here, lots of serious folk here sometimes :)

  4. Avatar pettins

    Thanks for the feedback guys – Really encouraging.

    Next I need to pluck up courage to write a prequel / sequel. It seems a bit presumptious but I guess if I start with one of yours then I should be in safe hands…:-)

  5. Avatar ernmander

    Feel free, if any of mine are good enough. I really am not a writer, but I am trying this. It’s the first time I have ever done any writing. But yes feel free. :-)

  6. Avatar pettins

    Thanks ernmander.

    Great to know I am not alone. I feel like an absolute novice at this. It is really liberating to write something and then even better to get feedback.

    What with ficly and audioboo / audiobooth, the creative juices are getting a good work-out :-)

  7. Avatar ernmander

    Totally agree with you there Pettins. Nice to have a writing novice here with me too :)

  8. Avatar Melia

    I think you both are doing great jobs. As for the nervousness at prequeling/sequeling someone else’s story, my advice? Get over it :) most writers here are thrilled when someone chooses their work to expand on. Trust me :) It’s ok, give it a go :)

  9. Avatar pettins

    Yep, good advice Melia :-)

    I’m off to pick another story to prequel / sequel :-)

  10. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Funny little allegory for the creative nonconformist. Hope you find this a haven for brief inspiration. I will also echo that pretty much every author is thrilled to see a sequel or prequel tagged onto their stuff. If you’re still at all hesitant, then stick to one-shots, stories that only have one installment thus far. That’s a 99.99 percent guarantee that they’ll be happy with an addition.

  11. Avatar cwkguy

    This is very interesting indeed, especially considering that much of my thinking processes jump from one place to another frequently. I go about unsure of what I want or what to do, but in the process my creativity tends to flourish. I love it. I’ve even written a sequel which I hope to be equally entertaining.

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