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  1. The Voice

    It is strange: it is only a Voice, a beautiful, sonorous tide washing over you as you move through your day. And yet, much like the ocean you’ve never seen and are not entirely sure exists, and the Void overhead that most certainly exists, you know s...

  2. Gussie

    It’s curious how interesting a bit of extra marble on a tombstone can make a story. Headstones themselves can be interesting: among the waist-high markers there might be a family monument in concrete shaped like a tree; or there might be some int...

  3. Tener confianza al tango {a poem}

    To watch is to witness grace, to know passion, to behold flow. New, enchanted, I try. I step back in time with my partner, but slowly, awkwardly, trying to keep distance. I try to know my partner’s mind, to anticipate, but to no avail. A stubborn...

  4. Chickens

    There is no way of nobly sitting on a chicken. Oh sure, they recommend sitting sidesaddle, but have you any idea how difficult it is to sit sidesaddle on a chicken? Or any bird, for that matter? It’s tough. I surveyed my fowl steed, hands on my h...

  5. A Noisome Bell

    Sergeant Philips, who was put on the other end of Sutton’s call, was less than the picture of attentiveness at this hour. He’d barely arrived at the office, he thought, even the sun decided this was far too early an hour to get out from und...

  6. Phantom Power

    “I can’t believe this place has been deserted for so many years, it’s incredible!” “It’s amazing, when you can see past all the cobwebs.” Our flashlight beams scamper over the riches of a past life: elegant fur...

  7. Bright eyes, a tiny hand [or, To my cousin]

    Look at you, dear cousin. A new creature in the world, and probably curious to see what it has in store, judging from your sparkling eyes. They’re beautiful, you know, like dew or a winking, playful star. They light up every time you discover som...

  8. The Island

    There’s an island, a pretty sizable one, big enough to support a growing and thriving population. This community that’s established itself on this firmly-set island is one of sharing, one of support. In all of the denizens’ endeavors,...

  9. A Poor Soul in Hell

    Cautiously Patrice poked her nose just inside the door, careful to still keep the stranger in sight. Her ears perked to catch any hint of sound as her eyes struggled to focus in the gloom. A tiny whimper, almost mouse-like, caught her ear, and as she t...

  10. Figuratively Literal

    bzzzzzt… bzzzzzt… bzt— “Hello?” “Hey Rachel, it’s me.” “Ah, hi Mike, I was just about to call you, what a coincidence.” “Yeah, coincidence… hey, I’m gonna be a little late ge...

  11. Spanish Shadow

    As soon as she touched down, she heard another, smaller noise. She looked up, startled to find a figure just within arms reach. In what little light the moon provided the figure was dressed almost identically as she, except for the addition of a wide-b...

  12. Overkill

    “Alright, so here’s the plan: at twenty-two hundred, the place should be deserted. We secure the area, probably half the block would be fine.” “Okay…” “Then, once we get the all-clear, we start infiltration. We...

  13. Knots

    It looks innocent enough, nothing hostile about tying little knots in string. They don’t mean anything. “What nice colors,” they say as they pass. They only pay the knots mind, they always look away from the tie-er. The colors mean di...

  14. Discovery

    “Alright, so we’ve found him. How does this help us?” Will, better known among his underground compatriots as Gizmo, searched his companions’ faces for the doubting Thomas. “How does this help?” he repeated, narrowin...

  15. Perception

    You say don’t exactly follow the norm; that may be true, but I sometimes pick up that you keep closer tabs on what exactly is the norm so that you can purposely get away from it. At proper times you claim a rebellious nature, but given the nature...

  16. Inner Dialogue

    “What a fascinating creature: she’ll jabber on’n on, but when I try to question further she falls silent. Tries to adopt some veil of confusion…” …but you must admit she’s never particularly successful. “...

  17. Meatloaf Excuses

    “Why don’t we stop here?” He bit his lip nervously as he looked over the all-too-familiar establishment. “I don’t think we should eat here.” She gave him a look. “Well, why not?” “Er… well, er...

  18. Only a Minor Second

    Mjr. Third, finally having a moment to himself, pulled his harmonica from his pocket. He regarded it a moment with a smile, then began to play the vocal line of a favorite showtune. Occasionally he’d pause to whisper the words to himself, “...

  19. The Cha-Cha

    At the appointed time I worked my way through the crowd to the middle of the cleared dance floor, meeting up with my partner along the way. He looked just as excited as I. “Even if we don’t win it’ll still be fun,” he said. I no...

  20. Impatient for Fate

    “Excuse me, gentlemen,” I began suavely, leaning on the empty half of the table. Four or five of my male peers occupied the other half, a bit surprised at my bold approach. “Would any of you be interested in participating in the ballr...

  21. Gypsy Fiddler

    He seemed like such an easy target when I’d first spotted him on a bustling city street, a slight, trembling creature nervously dodging through the gray crowd. He must’ve gotten wind that he’d be pursued and fled. I figured it’d...

  22. Mailing a Hug [a poem]

    That I could send you a hug through the Internet, attach it to an email to be opened at your leisure. If only I could call you up and hug you through the phone. The phone cords could caress, but it just wouldn’t be the same. In a heartbeat I woul...

  23. snowy sidewalks [poem]

    the sidewalk huddles under a snowy blanket ankle deep. the snow, bored of its sameness, clings to my black boots for a little adventure. it covers the tip in a converse toe, looking for something new. i cross the quiet street, hushed in respect, knock ...

  24. Company

    On a paranoid impulse I glanced over my shoulder and bolted down the old road, keeping close to tall brush along the road’s edge. Time wasn’t the only thing messing with my head; the road decided to play distance tricks with me, much to its...

  25. Freddie

    Even though Oliver’s a piano, like all partners he’s with a friend or two of mine. His most constant companion is my metrenome, Freddie. My friendship with Freddie was pretty rocky. Perhaps it was because my piano teacher forced us together...

  26. Snowfall [a poem]

    Tiny flakes flit hesitantly to the hoary earth, fearful of its cold reaction. Would it accept its presence? Was the time right? The earth, graying at the roots, looks to the heavens, sighs heavily. “I’ve had a long day, I need the rest. Com...

  27. Questionable Sanity

    “That is an inordinate amount of pickles,” Parker declared, carefully inspecting the massive jar of fermented cucumbers crouching on the table. He studied it intently, tilting his head occasionally as if appreciating fine art, making slow c...

  28. In Shadow

    I slink amid the lurking shadows in the narrow hallway, all too aware of the structure’s groans, creaks, & whines intermingling with my own hollow footsteps & ragged breathing. A few times I panic, terrified that the surrounding walls had...

  29. Midnight Mass at 9 O'Clock

    I’ve been singing in the church choir since I entered high school. I enjoy the pieces we do every week, but I think the whole choir especially loves the Christmas Eve Mass music. We prelude the Mass with a handful of liturgical carols & selec...

  30. Now a Stranger

    On a whim she decided to cut through the old neighborhood on her way home. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but as she approached she felt put off by the old familiarity she once had but seemed to be lacking lately. She pulled her hat down furth...

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