Breakout from the Facility or Amy and Jonathan

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The sirens blared as Amy ran through the complex. Jonathan was here, he just had to be! She skidded around a corner, and there he was. Jonathan sat alone in his cell, his expression revealing much about his situation. Amy had seen that expression on her brother Greg, on her father… but she had hoped never to see it on Jonathan. It was the expression of a mind wipe victim. With a desperate whimper, Amy opened the cell door with a thought and grabbed onto Jonathan. Grasping tight to Jonathan’s hand, Amy pressed a small button attached to her belt. When the facility guards rounded the corner, they found nothing but empty air.

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  1. Avatar Ridcully Calvert

    I like the world that you have created in so few words.

    However I would encourage you to break your story into separate paragraphs, I found it a bit hard to read