The Hole in the Wall

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Fur and Sera moved up, weapons at the ready. Lisa moved in behind them.

“All right, this is new.” Sera pointed at a ragged hole in the wall, surrounded by fragments of stone and plaster dust. “Looks like they’ve tunneled in from the east. I’m going to guess the exit point is one of the sewer mains.”

Fur was busy sweeping the surroundings with a laser imager. After a moment, he raised his rifle and shot twice, at points on a wall and ceiling.

James clapped hands to ears as the sound reverberated in the enclosed space. “Yow! Hey, what was that!”

Lisa glanced at the debris. “Marauder scanner bugs. They’ll know we’ve been here for sure, now.”

“No one’s here because they’ve already finished the tunnel,” Sera said. “Whatever they’re after, they’ve either already gotten it or are going to be back for it later. And since they felt the need to put cameras in place, I’m guessing the latter.”

“Will they still come back knowing they’ve been rumbled?” James asked.

Lisa frowned. “If they want it badly enough.”

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