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The dozen men crawled into the dark, empty frame of the collapsed metal humanoid structure they called the Titan Odys. Their voices echoed “Odie?” into the vacant abyss of steel & tech. They expected an answer from the AI, but none came. Odys was dead, and they had to know why. They sealed the door behind them, out of habit, and embarked into the catacombs of the sophisticated Titan. They didn’t get very far.

“I’m hungry…”
“We just ate an hour ago, but I am too.”
“Let’s go get some chow.”
They headed back to the door, some of them collapsing on the way.
“What’s wrong? …I feel so weak.”

They struggled with the door, it took four of them to finally get it open. They tumbled out, and staggered toward their barracks.

But a pair of lithe bodies stopped them in their tracks. Before they could even lift their plasma-shot guns, the blades of the strange, thin beings had cut through them.

The beings moved through the city in similar fashion, striking down experienced warriors, citizens, and nobles alike.

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  1. Avatar S. Zee

    Chilling. I wasn’t expecting this, but wow! Well done.

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