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Hopefully the resurrection of my favorite site will get my muse stirring again!!!

Oh, and if you want to see some of my old stuff (probably better stuff), it’s on the memorial site. (http://ficlets.ficly.com/authors/fyoramacragge)


  1. The Break-in

    The note read, in clear 14-point Arial, “We want $1,000,000 or we kill your girl! We’ll be in touch.” Only one problem: I had no girl. My apartment was a mess when I got home, more than normal, as if a small tornado had ripped through...

  2. Scrumulus: The First

    The rain was coming down so hard, and the wind so strong, you couldn’t tell the difference between being hosed down and walking outside. Anyone in their right mind would be inside. But Scrumulus Caen was not entirely in his right mind. He wore on...

  3. Martana, Aspiring Empress of Kencii

    “I will take the throne…” Martana said to herself as she wrote the petition to the King. In her letter, she posed as her father, and it read as such: Dated the twelfth hour, of the fourth star, of the eleventh moon, in the eighth revo...

  4. I Wish I Had Some Comments on Ficly, the Musical (Retro)

    The classically stereotypical cowboy with a guitar that only knows 3 chords starts strumming his GEE -tar. He leaned forward into the microphone and spoke, slowly in a Southern drawl. “This song…is dedicated to my favorite web-SAI-t, ficly.com“ T...

  5. Down and Out

    I picked up the lawn chair I had stored in the barn to keep it from being dried and cracked by the harsh summer sun. I set it down in the usual place, between the side door of the house and the big elm tree. And I waited. My prey emerged from the roof ...

  6. You Exist

    Again, you say to yourself, “I exist.” Then you ask yourself “And?” You realize that realizing that you exist serves no purpose except philosophical meanderings. You are placed precisely back where you were. You have escaped hyp...

  7. Nothing At All

    You tell the shoe nothing. All existence blinks out of existence. There is no air, there is no life, there is no space, no time, nothing. But! Before you run out of air to breathe, you realize something. You exist. Therefore, something exists. Suddenly...

  8. Awake

    An explosion. In my hands, a gun. People are running….Why am I only walking? …I’m shooting them, they fall, one for every shot, though some shots aren’t mine. They come from the others…. Others? I recognize them? …Th...

  9. Bright Light

    What’s that? A face. My…mother’s? I reach out my tiny hands, is she real? I’m taking my first steps. Shaky legs, bent to fall forward and crawl, but no, that’s not how everyone else gets around. Tricycle, my hands grip the...

  10. Enclosed

    “Be prepared, sir, this sleep is rather like you’re in a dream. If you realize you’re in it, you’re likely to wake up.” “And what happens to me then?” “Well, presumably, all would go as planned, except fo...

  11. A Rustle with Danger

    I bent down to retrieve my fishing pole from the side of the pond. The water was murky, and just enough algae to preclude any chance of seeing what lurked beneath. I was just a wee child, but even I knew the danger of the lake. There were legends, stor...

  12. I Need a Delete Button (Mature)

  13. On the Case

    One eye was a bulging mass of orange and green, puslike with a golden sheen. The other eye was an empty hole of black, that is, it wasn’t there. But it wasn’t an overall bad look for the guy, just the kind of thing you wouldn’t want f...

  14. That's What She Said

    “I ain’t aimin’ for a kiss.” Alternate Title: What He Said Alternate Body: “I ain’t askin’ for a kiss.”

  15. Never Give An Ogre a Thesaurus

    “I demand more blog!” vociferated the ogre as he slammed his tankard upon the table. “It brings inspiration to the minds and lips of our bards and taleweavers. Most especially when brewed by that fantastical fiend of fomentation, The ...

  16. Deja Vu

    There is an achievement, in a certain game I play, called “Deja Vu”. It’s really very easy when you’ve created hundreds, perhaps even thousands of things. But on Ficly? Where I haven’t even twenty creations? I recently dis...

  17. Mistress of Fire

    Its name was thermite. Its purpose was to burn very very hot for a short period of time. And it…was my mistress.

  18. Him. (Mature)

  19. Playing Scrabble

    “She was going to teach me how to play Scrabble.” confessed the general, pulling the board game from behind his back. " I was ashamed and didn’t want anyone to find out…I thought I could trust your wife with the secret that...

  20. Climbing In

    You try to climb in the little trolley. It’s 1/24 scale, how silly of you to think you could fit in there! You fall on your face, trying to dive into the tiny car. The car is smashed, but the model man still looks up at you expectantly. You can: ...

  21. Interrobang

    “What’s going on here!?” screamed the general. “What are you doing here!?” retorted the private. “Why is he in our house?!” asked the private’s wife. “I thought he told you he was due at the base to...

  22. Hey-Zeus the Great Dane

    Why do you always pet the square clicky thing? Daddy pets a square too. Stop. Pet me. I’m being the square. No. No moving your hands unless you pet me. Why do you always call me Jesús? I don’t get it, but who else could you be talking to. ...

  23. Have a Nice Day

    I shoved my hand in the box next to the computer. I had so much pent-up rage, I didn’t know what I would do with myself if the connection wasn’t made. I felt soft skin against my palm. THWACK! “I’m sorry.” I spoke into the...

  24. The Halls of Asgard

    The thunder ran through the house like a hyper-active two-year old, because it was. A mop of fire-red hair and the formidable eyes of a young god, Thor was a sight to behold, if you could catch him. He stormed through the house, bearing Mjolnir above h...

  25. Thothe's Sauces

    Sally shopped seeking sumptuous sauces, spotting Thothe’s Sauces serendipitously. So saying, she sauntered swiftly south, surveying Thothe’s Sauces’ selection.

  26. Upon the Throne

    Enrik sat on the toilet, pushed up his thick-framed glasses and thought. After he was done thinking, he reached for the toilet paper. “Enrik-” it said. He unrolled it further. “Enrik – We are from another planet. We have come to...

  27. Go Back!

    You go back the way you seem to have come. Just because there’s two paths in front of you doesn’t mean you have to pick one. Sheesh. How cliche. You find a peanut. You can: Eat it. Boil it. Crack it open. Put it in your pocket.

  28. Prisoner Porter (All Tied Up)

    You tie up the tiny porter, and place him on the tiny rails in front of his trolley. He exclaims that his name is Elliot Wickfen, Ell Wickfen for short. Suddenly, you grow a mustache and laugh evilly. You can: Decide your name is now Snid Lee Lashwhip ...

  29. The Loop

    You make a loop with the string, it turns into a black hole and spits you out to replace yourself as you disappear into hyperspace. Then you realize that you exist and are puzzled. Go back to the beginning.

  30. Blades

    The young man stumbled into the subterranean city. A dwarf tending his clothing shop, Bogumir’s, eyed the young man, thinking he must be drunk, looking as dazed as he was. But why were his clothes torn? Bogumir ambled toward the young man, steady...

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