Two Questions in Space and Time

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“Did you hear what I said?”

“Hrmm, yes.”

“Great. And can you let me in the airlock now?”

“I’m thinking about it.”

“What I said or letting me in?”

“Yes.” It was at this point I realized that perhaps I had poorly chosen my moment. For all my education and fancy degrees, interpersonal nuances do tend to elude me.

“The eclipse is just about over, and it would be nice to be in the shielded portion of the ship. Come to think of it, it’d be nice to get some kind of answer.”

“Oh,” she starts as if out of a daze, “Yes. I mean, I need time. There’s so much to consider, and well, I think it comes down to space.” Space and time. It would come down to that, two things I should understand as an astrophysicist.

My heart breaks, “I’ll take that as a no.” My hand releases the ring behind my back. It would have been more dramatic had it fallen to the floor, but that’s weightlessness for you.

“I’m sorry. I hope we’ll be friends.”

“Um, sure, friends. So, friend, can I come in from the airlock now?”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I got inspired by someone else’s numerical choices for mine and wound up with and

  2. Avatar Krulltar

    Nice Melding.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    yeah the melding creates new characters in a unique setting. I think you’re givin’ me a run for my money, but then again, i expect that.

  4. Avatar Abstract

    /me is astounded by this.

  5. Avatar Anonymuncule

    haha, it would definitely cut down on that post rejection awkwardness if we could put people out of airlocks

  6. Avatar SJHundak/SJWilling

    Nice crossover, poignant.

    Is it weightlessness or freefall? I think someone beat me over the head with that once and I can never get the two straight now.


  7. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I think technically that an orbiting craft or station is in freefall. However, I didn’t specify if they were in orbit or not, so I’m going to stand behind my use of weightless.

  8. Avatar Kaleidoscope

    Great dialogue! You built the tension well. It’s a nice hybrid.

  9. Avatar maidden

    An object will appear to be weightless when both it and the observer are falling freely, and an object outside a gravitational field is weightless, so I think “weightlessness” covers it either way.

  10. Avatar Cody Walton

    Wow, great ficlet! I’m just getting back on this site after a long absence and it’s great to see one of my stories inspired someone else!

  11. Toonrmicon Robotech_Master

    Very good job with the melding. It’s really hard to pick a winner in this!