Ending It

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I slid down the wall trembling, tears streaming down my face from the release, like a the bullet from a gun all my emotions were spilling out of me. Markie was now stumbling to his feet as well was my father. I couldn’t help but look at the body of Markie’s captor. I then felt a sharp pain in my leg, I looked down and saw the knife jutting out of my thigh. The F.B.I Agents then entered the room and saw us, and the dead body of the captor.

“All Clear, He Got The Head.” said one of the agents into their walkie-talkie.
“The head?” I said groggily.
“He was the head of this criminal operation and you just brought him down.” said the agent.
“I need a medic.” he yelled after looking at my thigh.

They carried me out on a stretcher, the sunlight hurt my eyes. I then realized just how long i’d been in there. I then thought to myself.

“They operated like rats, they plotted in the dark and out of sight and attacked when their prey was weak.”

I disregarded it when I saw my mother waiting by the ambulance.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    ending it.. well i COULD write a ‘how the family now functions in the light of recent events’ piece, but I’m not sure what that would be.

  2. Avatar illusionistic

    I was thinking, the mothers final thoughts about the incident as she’s finally seeing her son and family? I left the ending up to you if you wanted it :D

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    okay, it kind of led there.. :) I just was unsure.

  4. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I liked the first half better than the second half. Didn’t follow as well the last bits.

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