The Station

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The door slid open without a sound.

Oswald ducked inside, then signaled the all-clear. Cautiously, they searched the entrance hall.

“No sign of them here. Next room.”

Webster slowly breathed out. Intel said there was likely no danger, but this place still made him ill at ease. He couldn’t help but remember old horror movies and nearly-forgotten ghost stories.

Pretty silly of me, I guess.

Inspecting each room they came to provided little in the way of clues. Dust and broken equipment was all that seemed to remain. Dim screens and monitors lined some of the walls.

“Look! Some of the crates are in here.” Oswald pointed to one room.

“They didn’t leave much. Do you think they fixed ’em?”

Oswald shrugged. “Maybe. Let’s get to the main terminal.”

The place was mostly empty. Two tracks wound their way into the distance, towards that endless storm.

A huge maglev train seemed to be waiting for the scouts. The dull green metal glinted in the light.

“Seems the research team isn’t here.”

“All aboard, then?”

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  1. Avatar Anthelion

    The third part of this series. Sequels not made by my two friends are not considered canon.

  2. Avatar The Bread Ghost!


  3. Avatar Krulltar

    All three of your writing styles are very similar and compliment each other. good work guys.

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