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Just a young man waiting for a temporal rift to send him to a parallel 1920’s with Internet and modern day technologies. Basically, it will be just like today, but people will wear more coats and hats. It will be great, you’ll see.

He writes stuff down and shows it to people in the meantime. Someone then told him he could get paid for it, which sounded like the greatest scam ever.


  1. Waking the Beast

    As the gun report echoed throughout the halls, Oswald could not help but feel they were waking something up; something very large, and very slow. Webster looked back over his shoulder, but saw nothing. He did not slow his pace. “What the hell was...

  2. The Test - Flashback (Webster and Oswald)

    “Name.” “Oswald, sir. Robert Oswald.” “So you’re Oswald. You’ve got quite the report. Impressive.” “Thank you, sir.” “Why did you join Intelligence?” “My father was an engine...

  3. Holiday Buckshot

    “Holy shit.” As echoes of a sound that came and went in a flash faded, new sounds arrived: barking dogs, startled yelps from bedrooms in houses nearby. And as the sound of the blast faded, the smoke and smell of gunpowder did as well. ̶...

  4. Scrap of paper, dated November 12th, 2153

    “The Elders always tell us to report people like him. They say they’re dangerous. But he’s just…old. Living in that old plane hull outside the gates. I asked him if he wanted to come inside, but he just said no. He’d be ki...

  5. Matyac

    There is a legend around the Gladen Marsh. If you speak with those in the pub, they will quietly weave tales of the Swamp Dog, or the Hound of the Fens, or Matyac, its supposed name. They will say this dog is a great beast, large as a man, with long br...

  6. The Train

    Webster stared uneasily at the storm from out the windows of the speeding train. “You’re sure about that thing?” Oswald glanced up from his PDA. “Well, I can’t really be positive, but I’ve got some data about what...

  7. The Landing Party

    There was a thud, then a hiss. The red light above them turned green as a monitor flickered on next to the door. Landing successful. “Gee, that’s a relief.” Two men sat inside the cramped interior of the craft, breathing heavily under...

  8. The Construct, pt. 2

    The window opened, slowly, as the Construct’s hand pushed outwards. The man’s ears strained until they rang with silence, listening for the slightest traces of movement just outside. The window creaked; the metal hand froze. At the same tim...

  9. Scrap (Mature)

  10. The Delivery (Mature)

  11. On Pain of Death

    The sound of boots and a sudden drop in noise level forced Detective Taylor Pratt to look up from the body. He felt a chill. The robed man stepped into the room, calmly looking over the corpse, and turned to the Chief of Police, standing to his side. P...

  12. Bring Me a Dream (Mature)

  13. Black Cloud

    As the bus heaved down the road, bouncing at every pothole and piece of trash in the way, Jonathon Roberts suddenly realized he had never met the driver. The man that operated the vehicle Jon needed to survive the trip outside was an anonymous figure. ...

  14. The Construct

    Two lights flickered on in the dark of the room. With a slight hum, they turned to the windows. Rain splattered and ran down the glass as the whole house was bathed in the sounds of the weather outside. The lights rose slowly, accompanied by various wh...

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