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Dharma yelped as her skin was pulled fiercely by Seneca’s strong hand. She glared at Seneca, hurt, and backed away. Soon she was lost in the crowd, but Seneca caught a last glimpse of her- talking to Glom.

Seneca’s feet pounded into action, hurling her across the street and into an alleyway. Stupid old crone! What’d she have to go and do that for? It’s my orange, I got it, it’s mine! Seneca turned into another street and flew down it, scattering people left and right. She could hear Glom yelling in the street behind. You have to learn to share, Seneca. Came a voice into her head suddenly. Or else the other children won’t share with you. Don’t you want to do the right thing, Seneca?

“Get out of my head, Mum…” muttered Seneca as she ran. “It’s not like Dharma would ever share something with me!”

Seneca, you have to learn to share- Her mother’s soft voice echoed in Seneca’s memory. Shut up! Shut up! Screamed Seneca in her head. You can’t share on the streets! You’d get killed!

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