Walking Amongst the Shadows

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maybe I would see something else…

I opened up my eyes, but I was still exactly where I was before. I began moving again, leaves crunching under my feet and getting lost in my shadow. My shadow was no more than a mere dark patch where I had soaked up all the light, yet things, like the leaves, tended to get lost in it, gobbled up. Looking around me, there were shadows everywhere, casting this way and that, and if I looked hard enough, they danced. It was wicked dance of shifts and sways, curling tendrils, sharp edges, soft fingers, a cold breath, and a warm embrace. They were singing—praising. They leapt up in joy, but not joy for me. No. They didn’t praise me. They didn’t sing for me. They did not even dance for me. Only did they ever do anything for my master.

I squinted at the shadows and looked back at my own. They were the unknown, yet not. I did not understand them, but I knew them—not really. I couldn’t dance with them, but I walked among them—kind of. A shadows is only a shadow—I disagree.

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  1. Avatar StayGold

    hmmm, I like this.

  2. Avatar Amorpheous

    Thank you!

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