Baseball Princess

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“Sweetheart, my wife is head of the cheerleading squad. I’ll get you in with her for this winter, no problem. Plus, I know my boys that cross train could use another taut behind beauty like yourself on the field pepping them up before their games.” Mr. Lee’s eyes were calm and Brenna knew he was completely comfortable telling her no.

“I need this. It’s all that I’ve got,” Brenna said a bit too sincere.

“Sweetie, I’m all for women rights and all. And, you see, I’m so glad you respect the game. But not on this team, not this year.” Mr. Lee flashed Brenna a smirk before committing his attention to his paperwork again.

“This has nothing to do with women rights. I want to play baseb—-.”

“I think what you’re thinking of is soft ball. Mr. San’s daughter’s a few years younger than you, and she plays little league soft ball at the recreation center on Rural. I think they have a 16-18 league too…”

I’m not shocked. A little sad is all. Saying yes would have given me a reason to call him dad.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Dad and step mom? Otherwise, why would he say “my wife” at the beginning if she weren’t the step-mom?
    And it’s kind of sick that he would talk about her ‘taut behind’ like that when he is her dad.
    This does point out some stereotypes about boys and girls in sports, but I don’t think she’ll be playing baseball. It’s softball for her!

  2. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    I enjoy this, but the family issues do raise a few questions, as per Elsha’s comments… Still, the essential idea was interesting, and written well, a quick edit could sort it out :)

  3. Avatar Kaleidoscope

    Yea. I didn’t know how to explain the family situation without explaining it but you got it Elsha. It is meant to be a bit disturbing and sad. He’s the “evil step-dad” if you will. Her biological father had taught her everything he knew about baseball. It was the one thing that could have bonded her to her mother’s new husband. I don’t know. Just a concept that came to mind. Thanks for the reviews!

  4. Avatar JACripe

    I think the opening is somewhat shocking when the entire thing is put into context, as is often pointed out here, and the disbelief comes from reactionism. The reader just doesn’t want to believe that it’s that bad. Paints a much graver picture with the impact of the last line, but the “my wife” bit is still sorta weirdishly awkward. Uncomfortable, I should say. Overall, though, good delivery, good finish, good piece here.

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