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I’m colorful enigma. Like looking through a Kaleidoscope.


  1. First Date Conversation Starter

    The repression of laughter seeped through their mouths that were curled up in obvious smiles. The couple of strangers, one taller than the other, walked down the dimly lit street keeping pace with each other. The sight that forced them to nervously lau...

  2. Milk Murderer

    When I reached the kitchen, it was too late. Our little culprit was grieving and the victim’s pale innards were spilling out onto the kitchen floor. I know she didn’t mean to do it. And really it is my fault. I should have watched her, guid...

  3. It's On My List.

    “Every show, he was there. Apparently he sat somewhere different every night. My spy quotes him telling the girl, ‘It excites me to see you escape such a small space, Mrs. Trent, from every angle.’” Mrs. LaBelle smiled hard in t...

  4. 19 million dollar Accountant (Mature)

  5. Baseball Princess

    “Sweetheart, my wife is head of the cheerleading squad. I’ll get you in with her for this winter, no problem. Plus, I know my boys that cross train could use another taut behind beauty like yourself on the field pepping them up before their...

  6. Dandelions and Clouds

    With my eyes focused up and out, I see my portrait in the sky. I see white mist seemingly frozen in time against a pastel blue ceiling with no boundries. That’s my soul. The lonely cloud. The breeze tells me secrets of it’s plans for me. I ...

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